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Thumb Joint Pain And Ways To Get Rid Of It

Thumb joint pain can be a result of arthritis. Thumb joint pain which is a reason of arthritis is called basal joint arthritis. Basal joint arthritis is a form of osteoarthritis. When a person suffers from basal arthritis, he feels terrible pain and swelling in his thumb joint.

Because of that terrible pain, swelling and chronic, people notice different changes in their body. They notice changes in flexibility; they face changes in their strength. Because of that sudden change, it becomes difficult to perform any normal task through your hand.


But there are certain ways through which you can get rid of your thumb joint pain. This article contains all the important information regarding thumb joint pain and ways to get rid of it.

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Though it is not easy to get rid of your thumb joint pain, but it is not that hard as well. Let me mention the ways through which one can actually get rid of their thumb joint pain. If not completely but these can help one to reduce the pain:

Thumb joint pain can occur because of the inflammation and irritation that is caused by arthritis. So it is better to give your thumb plenty of rest when it aches. If you continue using your thumb when it aches, it will not stop aching but it will ache more. If you give your thumb the rest it requires then you will be able to stop irritating it and the inflammation would start diminishing eventually.

You can seek the help of medication if you face thumb joint pain. You can simply take a pain killer or a not-steroidal inflammatory drug which is also known as NSAID. When it comes to pain reliever you can take acetaminophen and if you want to take NSAID then you can go for naproxen, ibuprofen or aspirin. By taking medicines you can decrease the pain temporarily. But do take medicines if the pain is intolerable. Otherwise the medicines will stop working in the future.

Using a spica splint, you can disable your thumb by immobilizing it. Immobilizing is sort of like giving your thumb the rest it requires. This way you will be able to decrease the pain and inflammation that causing the thumb joint pain.

Cold and heat therapy can reduce the thumb joint pain that you are suffering from. Keep your thumb in somewhere cold for 15 -20 minutes. Or you can keep your thumb in somewhere it can get heat. By alternating, you will be able to lessen your thumb joint pain.

Exercising can be a way to get rid of your thumb joint pain. Thumb exercises like: bending and stretching, straightening and rotating can be of a great use in this case. Make sure your joints move properly. Apply resistance in your joints. It can help you to get rid of your thumb joint pain permanently if you try to do it on a regular basis.

Thumb joint nail should not remain untold or untreated. It can cause major problems. You can even need surgeries too. So seek your doctor’s help. Consult with a doctor and do not try to overlook it.So these are the ways through which one can actually get rid of their thumb joint pain.

If not permanently, these can at least diminish the pain and agony one is going through because of the thumb joint pain.

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