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Yellow Toenails Remedy

Hello Guys and welcome! I created this site to assist those that have what can be an embarrassing condition, to inform you of what can be done to prevent yellow toenails and what to do to treat the problem.

Yellow Toenails Remedy

I hope you find it informative and helpful and if you have any concerns please feel free to contact me by clicking up top.

When an individual’s toenails begin to change color, the cause is usually one of two things. It can be from harmless bacteria which can begin to colonize beneath the toenails creating the color change as the colony gets larger.

When this happens, the toenail color is usually a shade of green.

There is another condition which is much more common called yellow nail syndrome which is caused by a fungus infection beneath the toenail.

This condition results in a yellow or brownish discoloration on the toenail and needs to be treated with a fungicide in order to get rid of it.

The best fungicides are those using natural ingredients because they directly treat the cause of the infection without harsh chemicals and without destroying the surrounding skin.

A fungicide on the market using natural ingredients which is apparently very effective at treating the visible signs and symptoms of nail fungal infections is Zeta Clear.

Zeta Clear seems to treat the toenails quickly leaving them free of the fungal infection as well as returning the toenails to a healthy state and to replenish and moisturize the surrounding skin.

Zeta Clear seems to not only clear up the fungal infection, but to also attack the source of the infection killing the root cause and ensuring there will be no reoccurrence at a later date.

The solution must be used daily and the instructions must be followed consistently at the recommended dosage until the fungal infection is completely gone to ensure successful results.

How Does Zeta Clear Work?

The secret of Zeta Clear’s effectiveness is in its natural ingredients. Zeta Clear uses only the highest quality, purest natural ingredients guaranteed to provide the best, most effective results against fungal infections.

These ingredients have been used by native practitioners for generations to treat illnesses, infections, and other diseases and are now available to help fight the same conditions in us.

Jojoba Oil – is one of the oldest secrets used by native healers and has been used for centuries for moisturizing and replenishing dry skin and scalp.

Almond Oil –  contains a combination of essential fatty acids which maintain healthy, supply skin. Almond oil is also rich with antioxidants which protect our body against the damage to our cells and tissues caused by free radicals.

Mancinella –  which is harvested from the Manchineel tree from the Caribbean helps stimulate blood flow in the feet and toenails reducing the bluish color of the toenails.

Mancinella also helps prevent the burning sensation that reduced blood flow can cause in the feet and reduces dryness that sometimes comes along with reduced blood circulation.

Tea Tree Oil –  is harvested from the Melaleuca Tree and has a variety of uses including stimulating the immune system to fight against viruses, bacteria and fungi, as well as helping moisturize the skin around the toenail bed.

Lemongrass Oil –  is used widely across Asia and the Middle East and is believed to help with increasing muscle tone, revive firmness in the skin, and to help revitalize the body and the mind.

The essence of lemongrass is believed to soothe the spirit and relieve stress and to bring tranquility.

Lemongrass oil applied directly to a wound is also very effective at treating infections and seems to speed healing.

The unique combination of these natural and effective ingredients make Zeta Clear the best and most powerful treatment to fight fungal infection and yellow toenails.

These all-natural ingredients, working together fight the infection at the source, killing the fungus and returning your toenails to their normal, healthy appearance, free of any side effects that may come from prescribed medications or other treatments containing harsh chemicals.

Zeta Clear is also approved by the U.S. FDA which means all of the ingredients in this product have been tested and certified as safe. This is a very important certification and not all fungicides are certified by the U.S. FDA.

How To Use Zeta Clear

The normal course of treatment with Zeta Clear is four weeks of continuous use. The Zeta Clear gel must be applied three times daily to the infected area for the entire four weeks until the infection is gone.

This will ensure the best results and that this infection does not return. To speed healing, a bandage may be applied over the infected area after treating with the gel.


Zeta Clear appears to be extremely effective at treating and preventing fungal infections of the toenails as well as helping to return the toenails and surrounding nail beds and skin to a healthy state.

The product consists of all natural ingredients and has been approved and certified by the U.S. FDA. In addition, the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee.

The company’s customer support is very good and the price begins at $54.00 for a one month supply. The company does offer discounts for bulk packages.

As with any purchase made through an online vendor, it is recommended that the purchase be made through the official website only because there are many fraudulent websites which sell fake or inferior products.

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It is very important that anyone purchasing a product, especially a product to treat a medical condition such as yellow toenails, purchase that product through a trusted and verified website.

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