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Yeast Infection Treatment and Pregnancy

The yeast infection occurs when the acid and yeast levels in the vagina are out of balance. So, it is important for you to believe that you are not the only one trying to be free from this common disease. The yeast overgrows as the acid levels are out of balance causing the infection that seems to set your life off balance. And it is important for you to understand that you should not feel tormented by this whole episode and instead devote your time to think the steps of remedy through and apply it to your routine.

If it is the first time that you have been diagnosed by the symptoms of yeast infection then it is advised that you visit a physician first so that you can have an accurate diagnosis by the physician about the amount of infection that has been spread and about the correct ways of recovering. There are various reasons that lead to yeast infection in the vaginal tract and there are few things which certainly lead to yeast infection and have to be avoided.

The hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and or before your periods

Douching of any kind may lead to yeast infection in the vagina and it may cause a terrible amount of pain. If you are taking antibiotics at a regular interval then you become prone to the yeast infection, as the intake750x500-ehow-images-a05-4f-3b-candida-skin-problems-800x800 of antibiotics causes an imbalance in the levels of yeast and the pH levels and it leads to yeast infection. If you are taking hormonal and birth control pills then you are susceptible to yeast infection.

If there are untreated traces of blood and semen on your vagina then it may lead to bacterial dysfunction on your vagina and you may get the infection. If you have high levels of sugar in your blood then you are vulnerable to yeast infection.

Intercourse with your lover may lead to vaginal yeast infection and you may consider it as a sign to be precautionary the next time. And if you are pregnant then you have to be extra careful about the hygiene of the vagina and take proper care of it by keeping it clean and dry.

Yeast Infection Treatment and Pregnancy:

There are many known methods to detect yeast infection and to begin with the treatment. These are the following symptoms of yeast infection in the vagina. Discharges are the most common method of detecting yeast infection. If you have a discharge that green or yellow, and similar to fragments of cottage cheese smelling like yeast-bread.

A large amount of discharge from the vagina is also a sign to notice a change from the normal and all you have to do is consult your doctor or begin with the remedies at home. If you feel a burning sensation while urinating or making love then you have to study your vagina and check for yeast infection.

If the lips of your vagina turn red and show signs of irritation then it is a sign of yeast infection.

And if the discharge is totally white appears like shreds of cottage cheese then you have to check yourself for yeast infection. The primary reason for yeast infection to occur during pregnancy is that a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes while she is pregnant. And the vaginal environment of a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes during this time and it refers to chemical changes in the vaginal environment.

The secretions in the vaginal region would have varying levels of sugar due to which fungus may appear in the region of the vagina and you may find them increasing if the sugar content in your blood is not brought to normal. If you are really not sure about the problem in your vagina then you can enter the sphere of cross verification with the help of a physician. A physician uses a simple swab to insert in your vagina and he removes the discharge and studies it under the microscope.

There are many ways to overcome the vaginal yeast infection and you can do a lot by yourself at home. Once you are convinced that your symptoms point to yeast infection then you have to follow the method of treatment and start with your medication. It is important for you to know that during pregnancy the doctors prescribe the use of ointments and not oral medicines to combat yeast infection as they might lead to change in the pH levels in the vaginal region leading to further chaos in the world of microorganisms.

Yeast Infection Treatment

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The oral medicines are prohibited for lactating women as well as it is not good for the biological balance of the body. If the yeast infection spreads to your breasts then your baby is at risk to catch the infection in its mouth and this infection is known as “thrush”. Nystapin can cure your condition and alleviate the pain.

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Yeast Infection Treatment
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