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Best Yeast Infection Treatments

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Yeast infections are generally thought to affect women in the majority. However men also get yeast infections but the symptoms are not so prominent in men. Where there is yeast infection males  it can affect the penis and gastrointestinal  tract. It could also affect the skin. Some of the symptoms of male thrush are redness on the penis and burning. The best way to treat yeast infections is to take oral tablets. They are one form of treatments available. Over the counter treatment are usually aimed at women but it can be used for men since it is caused by the same organism-Candida albicans.

Best Yeast Infection Treatments

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Local application i.e canesten can be applied to the tip of the penis twice daily for 5 to 7 days. Canesten is the commonest treatment used in the majority of cases in which there is yeast infection in males.If the application of the cream does not resolve the infection, please see your doctor.

  • Some oils such as organic coconut oil and organic oregano oil (must be diluted) could be useful to treat penile yeast infection.
  • It is a good idea to keep the penile area as dry as possible because fungal organisms thrive better in moist environments.

If a man has a penile yeast infection, it is very probable that the partner may get it too. So both the man and the woman should be treated at the same time. In some circles it is believed that thrush is not a sexually transmitted infection as it is due to overgrowth of fungus. Also that a man who is not penile yeast infectionexperiencing symptoms likes soreness and itchiness is not able to pass on the infection to his partner. Sometimes if you don’t wish to use over the counter  medication, you may wish to instead try using some natural remedies like natural yoghurt (unsweetened).

  • Avoid alcoholic & sugary foods
  • Drinking cranberry juice will alter the ph of the penis
  • Probiotics e.g. acidophilus helps to reduce the amount of yeast in the genital area.
  • Apple cider vinegar used in a bath. You could put 2 cups of apple cider vinegar in your bath water, this helps to kill the yeast organs.
  • Try to be in the habit of wearing loose underwear to allow air to keep the area fresh as yeast likes to grow in moist dark areas. Oxygen destroys yeast.
  • If you do all the above,you would have succeeded in preventing yeast infections and therefore not needing to be a case of male yeast infection.


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