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Wp Robot 5 Review 2019[Latest Version]

Many people today own blogs. Blogging is one way of making money online and it happens to be the most popular. You can use a blog to sell affiliate products, provide information to readers, or even for entertainment purposes. Blogs are also used on company websites to improve SEO. The biggest problems many people face is to populate their blogs with relevant content regularly.

Even so, there is a solution to this. Did you know that you can keep your blog up-to-date handsfree? Yes, you can. In fact, you can have your blog updated with rich and unique content in any subject or category you can think of. In today’s post, I am going to give you a complete review of an automated robot that can do this on your WordPress blog – WP Robot 5.

Here is the Complete WP Robot 5 Review:


What is WP Robot 5?

WP Robot 5 is an automated blogging plugin for WordPress blogs. The plugin is capable of creating original, high-quality SEO-ready, and up-to-date articles and post them on your blog. The process does not require you to do anything than to feed it with relevant information that should be used to create the content.

It, therefore, translates that you can have your blog updated while you are on holiday, asleep, or on other business. The WP Robot 5 is intelligent enough to create content that is engaging, informative, and targeted to your audience.

Used on over 1 million blogs, you can be sure that the WP Robot 5 is the most trusted and reliable auto-blogging plugin you can find in the market. Add the fact that the plugin is updated on a regular and the unmatched customer service.

What Can You Achieve with WP Robot 5?


Whether you are a new blogger or an existing one, you will be amazed at what you can do with this autopilot plugin. Whatever your blog niche is, you can be sure to achieve the best results with the WP Robot 5. In a summary, here are the things that this plugin can do with any WordPress blog:

1. Easily Create a New Blog in Minutes or Populate Your Existing Blog with Content:
All you ned is to set up your blog, activate the plugin and feed it with the information you need for your content. Your blog will soon be filled with high-quality content for your visitors. This ensures that your readers remain connected and engaged whenever you go offline.

2. Monetize Your Blog with a Few Clicks:
This plugin is able to insert affiliate links from major networks and auction websites. With this feature, you do not need to wonder how you can make money online.
You just need to sign up with the affiliate partner websites you like. Let the plugin pull products from Amazon, eBay, and any other top websites and insert your affiliate ID. Whenever your articles make a sale, you make money with this plugin.

3. Save both Time and Money Outsourcing for Content:
Creating content for your blog is fast, easy and automated. The plugin is able to use different sources to create high-quality content for your blog. All the blog posts created by WP robot 5 are unique.
You can be sure to get regular updates all time round without having to hire somebody to write content for you. Whenever you feel you want content for your blog, just allow this amazing plugin do its task.

4. Import Your Old Blog Posts to Your New Blog:
Did you have an old blog you have abandoned? Do you want to clone it with the new blog you are working with? You can achieve all these quite easily with WP Robot. The plugin is capable of importing your PLR articles, add images to them and create new posts with the new content created on-the-fly.

There WP Robot 5 are more things you can do with WP Robot. You can check out the full list of what WP robot can do HERE.

How Does WP Robot Work?

Wp Robot 5 collects information from the Internet, specifically from the websites you authorize it to use and uses the data to create new content for your blog.

When the plugin collects the articles from the desired websites, it compares them, mixes, and finally creates new content that is unique and diverse, depending on your options.

What Data Options Does WP Robot 5 Use?

When creating new blog posts, WP Robot is intelligent enough to create highly relevant, informative, engaging, and SEO friendly content. Here are some of the information the articles may contain, depending on the sources, your desired settings, and availability on the Internet:
1. Rich text content that is free from plagiarism.
2. Images and related images from the web.
3. Videos related to the topic – from the selected channels.
4. Video Metadata – the number of likes, the comments, etc.

What Are the WP Robot 5 Features?


No matter what your interest is, WP Robot can achieve all your needs when it comes to online publication. As you create content for your blog with this plugin, you need to understand the different features you get with this plugin. This should help you in making the right decision.

1. Create High-quality Content Automatically:
The plugin uses 33 different sources to create original content for your blog. You do not need any spinning software. Whatever topic you can think of, you can achieve what you need.

2. You Are not Limited:
The number of articles you need is only limited by your needs. You can set up as many keywords as you want. You can then set the plugin to run the “campaigns” at your desired time and dates.

Included is the long tail keyword support. This is an essential feature that can help you to attain the most relevant information with your articles. It helps you to narrow down the search to reach your current needs.

3. Make Money as You Blog:
This is an essential plugin that can help you make money as you blog online. You can set up the affiliate links to fetch products from as the plugin publishes your content. It automatically inserts the affiliate links to the products.

With the nine major affiliate networks to work with, you can easily create diverse products to sell on your website all time. Since this is an automated process, you can still be working on other projects as your WordPress blog makes you money via the affiliate links.

4. Diverse and Unique Presentation of Your Posts:
WP Robot has a very powerful templating system. This allows you to set up the look of your posts on the blog before they are posted. You can set up different plugins and modules as well. Randomize things to achieve the best look for your website blog posts you create with WP Robot 5.

5. Support for Content Curation:
If you want to gather the best and latest news about a given topic before you can write on it, you can trust this amazing plugin to achieve that. With the draft system support, you can set it to create drafts from the collected information. You can then review the articles, edit them, and add your own points and ideas before you publish the articles.

6. SEO Friendly Posts:
Google has inbuilt feature to detect posts that are not natural in the way they appear on the web. However, WP Robot has an inbuilt feature that allows you to randomize the content. With different options, you can set up different ways to make your posts look natural and normal to search engines.

As you set up different campaigns from your dashboard, you can configure which post comes at what time and date. In this way, your posts will not fall on the same keyword all the time.

You also have the option to diversify the content sources and what is to be included in the posts. You can, for example, set this plugin to use videos from one source for one post and a different one for the next post. Everything will, therefore, look different from the others.

7. Plugin Works with All WordPress Themes:
Whether you are running an eCommerce, Real Estate website, Fashion blog, etc., you can still use WP Robot. This plugin allows you to use all the templating features of your themes to post your content. It does not conflict with any. This is because it entirely relies on your presets and the site theme. The work f the plugin is to create the content and publish it as you define.

8. There are No Copyright Issues:
This plugin is completely legal to use. This is because it relies on the public API technology from the different sources it collects information from. You do not need to worry who will know what you are using for your blogging.

9. Image Importation for Improved SEO:
When the plugin creates the content for your blog posts, it is capable of importing the relevant images from the servers and save them on your server. This is a great SEO feature that helps your blog gain credibility on Google.

The plugin can as well add a featured image to your blog automatically. It is able to determine even the keywords and meta information to include on the images. All these add up to an improves blog in terms of SEO.

10. The Plugin is Multilingual fort Internationalization:
Whether you want to publish on an English blog or in any other language, it is possible to achieve it with the integrated multilingual system. French, Germany, Italian, Chinese, and Russian are some of the languages that WP Robot 5 works in.

Apart from that, the plugin is automatically installed in the language your blog is set up in. For instance, if you have a blog in Italian, then you will install the plugin in Italian without having to change anything. Even more, you will get the full translation files included in the full version of the plugin. In this way, you can always customize your translations.

11. Automatic Keyword and Tag Replacements:
It is quite easy to set up unique meta tags for your articles when you create with WP Robot. This will help in your SEO improvement. The keyword replacement feature allows you to replace some keyword occurrences into other relevant synonyms. By so doing, you will avoid the keyword stuffing problem that most bloggers encounter whenever they want to publish content on their blogs. Keyword stuffing is one thing that can adversely affect your blog ranking.

12. Automatically Make a New Blog Look Old:
The problem with new bloggers is filling their blog with content. Many people look at it as a big milestone that could take ages. If you do not want to look new in the blogging world, you can automatically fill your blog with articles that are relevant to your niche. The best part about this feature is the ability to backdate the articles so they can look that they have been around for some time.

13. Full Logging and Reports:
When you are unavailable, you should not worry about how your blog is doing. The WP Robot plugin will create full reports and logs for what it does on your blog. Whenever you have time, you can review the reports and know what you can do with your blog in the future.

14. Impossible to Post Replicated Content:
The plugin comes with inbuilt verification and advanced checks system. This allows the plugin to create different content that it can post to your website/blog but without any duplicates.

15. Ability to Create Different Variations of the Content:
This plugin is integrated with six major spinning and rewriting systems to help you spin your articles as they are created. You can as well use different rewriting engines to create even more unique content.

When used together with the translation tool, you can create diverse posts in different languages that are unique in every manner. This will help you create all sorts of content without worrying that somebody can suspect you.


Final Verdict:
This plugin is available in three different license options. The Basic version is for the ordinary blogger that can help you to create content for up to three blogs. The full version supports up to 10 WordPress website. There is also a version for developers that can manage up to 100 websites, including client websites and marketplace websites.

The WP Robot 5 version you buy entirely depends on your needs. You can check the plugin publisher on their official website HERE.

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