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Why Is My Urine Cloudy (Initial Analysis & Conclusions)

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It will usually spell out a body dysfunction any moment the color of urine fails to be in accordance with its characteristic appearance. As it has always been the case, body excreta serves as a central factor in developing an understanding of the functioning of the human body’s internal organs.

Why Is My Urine Cloudy

It is crucial for all persons to be keen at noticing any irregularities that may show up and seek out for help from a professional and trusted medical practitioner. A urologist is the best placed medical practitioner to help you out with your condition. He will diagnose the situation in a relevant manner and provide top solutions to counter the challenge.


The human body performs numerous metabolic functions daily. Several toxic by-products that require elimination from the bloodstream are always generated by the cellular metabolism. The accumulation of excretory products rich in nitrogen in the blood for a long period may end up causing much harm to the body. These harmful metabolic by-products are eliminated and come out in the form of urine. The resulting urine is usually characterized by a clear to dark amber color.

However, certain health conditions cause the urine to come out with a cloudy appearance. It is this particular alteration in the urine color that signifies a body dysfunction. Pathologists can better understand whether or not the change in the color of urine is a manifestation of a serious illness or not by adopting a routine urine culture.

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In case you have cloudy urine lately, experiencing pain when discharging it, having that burning sensation in the process, or you are witnessing a foul smell in your urine, it is time you to realize that sooner or later you might suffer a urinary tract infection or other serious kinds of infection. This is the exact time that you need to visit a nephrologist or a near you Instead of wondering. It would be easier to handle your condition if you choose to make an early visit to your neurologist or physician.

Cloud Urine Causes


A urinary tract infection is one of the most probable causes of a cloudy appearance in the urine. The urine develops a cloudy outlook as white blood cells get in the urine to eliminate the infection. Painful urination, burning sensations during urination, nausea, fever and abdominal discomforts characterize the urinary tract infection. You are advised to get in touch with a reliable medical practitioner if the cloudy urine appearance persists.

Medicines Side Effects

Any person that introduces high dosages of Vitamin B-complex or Vitamin C may experience cloudy urine. The Vitamins are water soluble, and thus they are eliminated through urination. Several other medications can be deemed responsible for the cloudy appearance in the urine. However, cloudy appearance fades away as soon as the medication is brought to a halt. It is also worthy to note that a lot of those persons who take milk in massive proportions regularly excrete cloudy urine as a result of the phosphates in the urine.

Kidney Stones

Patients that suffer from kidney stones have higher chances of excreting cloudy urine. Asides from this, such patients can experience groin and back pain, nausea, and abdominal pains. Worries about whyismyurine cloudybother most of the people causing them to have sleepless nights.

Food and Alcohol

A cloudy appearance in urine might also be caused by the consumption of too much alcohol. The cloudiness of the urine may also be as a result of the consumption of certain foods. Those persons that consume more meat and spices have a tendency to excrete cloudy urine. On the other hand, the other who consume raw vegetables and fruits excrete clear urine.

Kidney Infection

Persons suffering from ‘proteinuria’ which is a condition whereby urine is characterized by proteins. Top physicians always recommend that patients undergo the urinalysis-a form of test done to check out for protein presence in the urine.

Vaginal/Prostate Infection

A cloudy appearance may also present itself in the urine of those women that suffer from vaginal or cervical infections. The urine from the vagina sometimes has some white blood cells that are responsible for giving the urine that cloudy appearance. On the other hand, a prostrate infection among men may result in the cloudy appearance in the urine.


Life is precious, and thus it is advisable to stay safe. If you experience serious symptoms of illnesses such as that cloudy appearance in the urine, it is advisable that you make a hasty decision to see a professional medical practitioner. You do not have to stay frustrated all day asking yourself why is my urine cloudy? This simple treatment can help you if you have problems with Bladder Control.

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