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What Is The Best Toenail Fungus Treatment

When you have a toenail fungus infection your priority is obviously to treat it. Try not to get fooled by some treatment claims though. It is frustrating but healing toenail fungus does take several months. As healthy nail grows you are using the treatment to protect it form the fungus until eventually the whole nail is once again healthy and free of the fungus. This does take time and needs commitment from you. Treatment choices include home remedies, seeing your doctor for a prescription or trying one of the over the counter toenail fungus treatments.

Toenail Fungus Treatment

Over the counter toenail fungus treatments are products manufactured for sufferers to try self care of their problem. They are sometimes medicated but less powerful then prescribed treatments, or they can be products that have natural ingredients. Natural treatments can also be purchased at health food stores or homeopathic stores. The problem with a lot of over the counter toenail fungus treatments is that they are topical, so you use it directly on the nail.

This means whatever the active ingredients are in the treatment have to penetrate the nail to get to the fungus which can mean results are slower to come, or even that some are ineffective. Over the counter options are certainly more for those with mild to moderate cases of toenail fungus plus there is the fact that most prescribed medications come with some serious potential side effects, which over the counter options do not.

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Types of over the counter toenail fungus treatments

There are a few types of over the counter toenail fungus treatments to choose from. Firstly there are those that have active ingredients, i.e an anti-fungal medication. Different drugs work for different people so you may have to try a couple before you find the one for you. You may find the skin surrounding the infection gets a little dry from the treatment, some also experience flaking and itching too.

You can also get ones that are all natural, tea tree oil for example is a very common oil used against nail fungus. Zeta Clear is an example of this type of over the counter toenail fungus treatments. Finally you may find products that combine natural with active, such as Miracle Plus which has tolnaftate as well as tea tree oil in it. Which type you choose depends on how bad your infection is and whether you react to certain medications.

A brief look at some over the counter best toenail fungus treatments:


Made by AlvaAmco this is an anti-fungal liquid that uses undecylenic acid along with Vitamin E and Aloe. It is a brush on application treatment that as well as treating toenail fungus can be used for athlete’s foot and ringworm.


Topical solution that has FDA approval and is effective for finger nail and toenail fungus infections. It is good for moderate cases where a sufferer needs something stronger than other home remedies but does not want to go to prescription medication. Natural ingredients include tea tree oil, Jojoba oil, and almond oil and as well as treating the fungus they sooth soreness.

Vitamin E oil reduces inflammation, lemongrass oil discourages bacteria, clove oil helps kill the fungus. Use ZetaClear by dabbing on and under the nail each morning and night. Results are noticeable after two to three weeks of use, but treatment needs to be done for at least 2 to 3 months.


More suitable for mild to moderate conditions of nail fungus. Nail-RX is made by Native Remedies and is a topical homeopathic treatment. It is FDA registered and has no side effects. It uses essential oils and anti-fungal agents to attack the fungus. Ingredients include tea tree oil, lavender and lemon grass oil and clove oil. It claims that after 3 weeks you should start to notice results and after two months visible signs of the fungus should be gone. It is one of the cheaper over the counter toenail fungus treatments out there.

Fungus Rx

Made by Barielle this formula is more gentle than others and for that reason would probably be most suitable for mild conditions as it may be too gentle and not strong enough for more moderate to serious cases. It uses tolnaftate as its active anti-fungal ingredient, approved by the FDA as well as containing an antimicrobial solution to kill bacteria and fungus. It is applied using a dropper and should be used twice a day. It can take longer to deal with the infection than other over the counter toenail fungus treatments because it is more gentle.

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