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What is the Best Hormonal Acne Treatment

Hormonal issue is the first leading cause of acne so hormonal acne treatment becomes crucial aspect that we should understand. Women who have treated their acne problem with standard regimen with no result must consider trying this treatment.

Best Hormonal Acne Treatment

Of course this therapy should under physician control, because the treatment choice depends on physical condition of the woman. Pregnant women will have limited choices due to the risk of harming the unborn baby. There is also risk for various side effects that may occur while taking the drugs.

Hormonal Acne Treatment on Pregnancy

Many women experience acne breakouts before their periods. Usually the breakouts that have correlation with menstrual cycle are not severe and will disappear after the menstruation. But acne problem in pregnant woman is long enough to produce negative impact for her social life. Hormonal changes in pregnancy may also cause baby acne on her newborn baby. She must be careful and only following the treatment that is suggested by medical practitioners. It is important to ensure the effectiveness and safeties of therapy for her baby. Here is rule of best acne treatment for pregnant women:

  1. Using facial cleansers with benzoyl peroxide

This active ingredient is recommended by American Association of Pregnancy. Choose the gentle cleansers like Dove or Neutrogena cleansers. Avoid toners that may irritate the skin. You should pick the product that is not combined by many other chemical substances to avoid the side effects.

  1. Salicylic Acid in low concentration

Remember too high concentration may dangerous for the developing babies.

  1. Apply the right moisturizer after cleansing the face

Commonly the skin during pregnancy become more sensitive so applying light moisturizer is a must. Choose products for sensitive skin or fragrance free products.

Other Options of Hormonal Acne Treatment for Women

Women who suffer from severe acne may experience worse social problems than men. That’s why many women search for the fastest way to get rid of acne and pimples. Here are choices for hormonal acne treatment options for women (pregnant women are excluded):

  1. Oral Contraceptive

Examples: OrthoTriCyclen® and Estrostep®. It reduces the overactivity of sebaceous glands by lowering the free testosterone.

  1. Spironolactone

Examples: Aldactone®. It is treating acne by blocking testosterone. It is a common drug for hypertension that acts to block a blood pressure-raising hormone (aldosterone). It has the same effect on testosterone because this hormone has similar chemical structure with aldosterone.

  1. Finasteride

Some endocrinologist claim that it gives positive result on testosterone problems among women like PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome)

  1. Drospirenone

It is the active ingredient on Yasmin® that chemically similar with spironolactone. It is new regimen that is used by some doctors to treat their patient with hormonal acne problem.

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Prescription treatment for hormonal acne can give amazing result for cases that do not response to regular topical acne products. But you should realize the side effects that may happen so please consult to endocrinologist/dermatologist that has good experience on hormonal acne treatment.

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