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What is necessary to teach the child?

Every parent dreams that their child had all the most important skills and knowledge that will greatly facilitate their lives and get rid of many difficulties and problems. But sometimes moms and dads are unable to define for themselves the most necessary skills and knowledge that is pass on to their children. Whenever possible and when you have free time, adults try to instill in their children the rules of basic hygiene, nutrition, behaviour in society. But if you do it only occasionally, the child is unlikely to be deposited in memory at least half of this knowledge. That children really something learned for life, parents need to allocate time not only to explain to their children the rules, but the time for learning kids this information.

This contributes to the breaking necessary to transfer information into blocks and stages. Caring and loving parents, of course, try to teach kids everything you need, but they do it often too messy, trying to fit in a child’s brain larger flows of information over a short period. Thus overload the brain of the baby. Because it is not necessary to forget that information needs to be consistently and portioned to provide a more effective assimilation of new knowledge and skills.

On the education of children needed free time. It is important that the child was not engaged in the process something of an outsider, because it’s distracting, and it’s nothing new for himself not learn. You can take this process a certain amount of time every day. Also ideally suited for learning the parents ‘ vacation, which coincides with the holidays of the child. During this period, the family has a unique chance to communicate, with the result that the baby can obtain many new skills. It is worth to note that communication should happen in a relaxed atmosphere, when children are not worried about anything, no matter what distractions.

So, what you need to teach the child?

First and foremost, a toddler must be taught:

1. To empathize with other people and animals;

2. Properly dispose of his time;

3. Respect the nature;

4. To eat right;

5. Optimistic view on the world.


For a child it is very important to be able to empathize with all beings, to understand who and what feels in different situations. Moral development of a child is absolutely impossible without developing the ability to empathize. You can pay attention son or daughter to a crying peer. If the kid himself wants to approach peers and encourage in any way – wonderful. If not – you can offer a child to come to the same age together and offer something to play or to share a candy or a toy. However, to be able to empathize with people is only part of the story. It is equally important to be able to show compassion towards animals. To do this, a baby to feed a street cat or the birds in the Park. Nevertheless, you should convey to the child that stray animals can not be touched, because they are not always perfectly healthy and not dangerous for the baby.

The ability to correctly allocate their time.

You need to teach the kid to comply with the requests of parents, rather than delay in the hope that it will make someone else. After all how often the request to remove the toy can be heard from the beloved offspring, “come on mom, five more minutes to play and will be removed”. It is important to remember that if he asks for just 5 minutes a month he would ask for an hour, because with kids excessive softness. Children feel their parents, at your age, you can test the waters, trying to figure out the limits of their capabilities. Out how much they get away with it, children can begin to manipulate relatives, abusing their endless love and inability to refuse a beloved child, it is because it is desirable to be in these matters simply, the better for the children themselves. Besides, the kid is required to learn to appreciate the time and distributed correctly.

Attitude to nature

Since the childhood the child should understand that all living beings are part of nature. All the people are inseparable from it. So if it’s bad nature, so it will be bad for all people. It is not enough just to ask the kid to leave the Park candy wrappers if it will affect the baby, only for some time. Children need to understand not only what you can do, and what not to do, but to know the consequences of breaking the rules. Of course one single family cannot solve all environmental problems, but the more parents can instill in their children respect for nature, the less harm will bring a new generation to the environment and can even reduce the amount of environmental problems.

No need to ask from kids exploits in this case, it is sufficient to teach to tightly close the valve with water, throw garbage only in the dustbin and wean, to pluck from the bushes and tree leaves. Because doing it so simple, but so the child is already contributing to the protection of nature.

Proper nutrition

Very young children eat only what they are fed by the parents. Yes, they can refuse to eat grated pumpkin or cabbage stew, but they’re not you can buy your own soda harmful or cause gastritis and obesity chips. Older, children have the opportunity to buy their own junk food. How to beat the desire to eat harmful food? As practice shows, from an early age, people adopt dietary habits from their parents and closest circle of friends. Therefore, first parents have to get rid of the habit of eating junk food, and only after that beloved child to inculcate the habit to eat right.

It is important to make it clear to the child that are delicious and useful products. It is very useful like a ripe watermelon, fresh orange juice or sweet tangerines.


Parents are able to influence the formation of character of a son or daughter. Although some qualities of character that are already present at birth, they can either develop or not. So, for example, from childhood to cultivate children’s optimism. You need to teach kids in any situation to see something good, to perceive all the events of calm, do not worry and do not worry in vain. For example, if a student brought to school a black mark and sincerely concerned about this, be sure to calm him down, explain that this is only a mark, which can be corrected with a little effort.

You must remember: the child first looks to his parents because it makes no sense to try to teach kids rules that the parents themselves do not adhere to. Therefore, to teach something son or daughter, first have to learn it the parents themselves.

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