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What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin condition that looks like the peel of an orange. This affects 95% of women and in some cases, men could also be disturbed. It occurs especially in aging women or in girls who have just reached their adolescent years. It is a kind of skin problem that is hard to remove, even if you start dieting or exercising a lot.

What Is Cellulite

Cellulite and the layers of the skin

Your skin is composed of three fat layers. The uppermost layer is called subcutaneous layer which is the seat of cellulite. The remaining two lowest layers of fats are called “reserve areas,” wherein your extra calories are stock up as fat cells. Usually, cellulite does not happen in these two bottom layers. If you are obese however, your cellulite is more prominent hence the bottom layers of your skin will induce the topmost layer.

At the topmost layer of your skin you can find some connective tissues that are commonly known as septae. The shape of these tissues looks like a group of cubicle wherein the fat cells are accumulated. The main job of the septae is to keep the fat cells firmly bundled, give a better arrangement to maintain the balance of your skin and to make sure that your body is well protected.

As the topmost layer of your skin is pushed out, the septae are pushed inwards that is why cellulite formation occurs. Since the fat cells are compressed into small lumps, it turns into a dimpled like skin. As you become older, cellulite appearance will be more prominent because your skin becomes thinner and your septae turns tougher.

Factors in the occurrence of cellulite

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Cellulite usually affects more women than men because the latter have a tougher septae construction. This makes the formation in men not noticeable. In women, cellulite is more prominent because they have a lesser collagen in their skin. This is supposed to protect the appearance of the cellulite. They also have higher amount of body fats especially in the areas of their body where cellulite occurs.

There are several factors why cellulite occurs and how extensive it is. No matter how extensive the appearance is, it is necessary to learn how to lessen it at the very least if you cannot remove it. There are a lot of products out in the market today that can help to reduce the ugly sight of cellulite.

You can start by losing the extra fat in your body since cellulite is more prominent if you are fat. You may also want to try to make your skin tan because this skin problem is less noticeable if you have darker skin.

The development of cellulite is a result of multifaceted physiological transformation at the topmost layer of your skin. This type of skin condition’s appearance can be lessened through regular exercise and well balanced diets. You may also want to try changing your lifestyle if you want to have a less noticeable cellulite. This simple treatment can help you Get Rid of Cellulite Fast.

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