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What Cures Yeast Infection-Yeast Infection Signs(Genital)

Yeast Infections, in general, can occur in different parts of the body. It could be on the skin, on the genitals or in the intestines. Genital Yeast Infections occur commonly in both men and women.

How do you know when you may be having a yeast infection?

And What Cures Yeast Infection? In this post, I will discuss the signs of a yeast infection in the genital area. When you are able to recognize the signs then you may be wanting to know about what cures yeast infection.

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– The one symptom that is commonest is itchiness in the vagina, the itchiness can also spread from the vagina to the anus. The vulval area can also be itchy. The itchiness can be quite intense and goes on until it’s treated.

– There may be sensations of burning in the vagina and vulval area. The area may also be sore and red and look quite inflamed. There may be swelling of the labia.

– Another sign is the presence of discharge from the vagina, the discharge is usually whitish, thick and may have the appearance of cottage cheese. The discharge of a yeast infection usually has no odour.What Cures Yeast Infection-Yeast Infection Signs

– They may be a pain in the vaginal area. This may make sexual intercourse become painful.

– Sometimes when there is a vaginal yeast infection, a woman may have discomfort while she is urinating. This is brought on by the urine being in contact with the inflamed vulva and vagina.

Men do not get yeast infections as much as women do. About 15% of men who are involved sexually with a woman who currently has a yeast infection will develop the signs of a yeast infection even though vaginal yeast infections are not believed to be sexually transmitted.

In men, the commonest signs are itchiness on the tip of the penis and the development of a rash. They could also have discomfort during urination for the same reason that a woman would have it, i.e. urine coming into contact with an inflamed urethra in the case of men.

In the majority of cases, however, the men do not usually show any signs or symptoms.

If you suspect that you have a yeast infection, you should go and see your doctor if it is your first time. This is because the signs and symptoms of a yeast infection are very similar to that of other sexually transmitted infections, like trichomonas, vaginal giardiasis, etc.

Once your doctor makes a diagnosis and treats you, if you have similar symptoms in the future you can treat yourself. If after self-treating, the symptoms don’t resolve, you should go back to see your doctor.

– Children can also get genital yeast infections. It is not that uncommon in girls but in boys it is very uncommon. The signs are similar to the ones in adults, i.e. vulval irritation, discharge, burning, anal irritation.

You should take your child to see a doctor if you suspect she may have a yeast infection. Your doctor will be able to explain to you the facts about what cures yeast infection.

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