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Weight Loss Success Stories – Vitamins, Minerals and Calcium For Weight Loss

For those who have had the good fortune to not only listen to multiple weight loss success stories, but to identify their common elements, a lifestyle pattern emerges. Unfortunately, considering the plethora of such stories, and the difficulty in identifying which story actually led to long term weight loss, it becomes increasingly difficult to zero in on a successful strategy.

Weight Loss Success

The key, then, is to realize that those weight loss success stories which have regimens that are grounded in scientific principles, and are backed up by empirically sound data, are the best choice when venturing in to the realm of weight loss.

Typically, such weight loss success stories include a high intensity exercise plan, a hypo-caloric diet that is low or absent in refined foods, and a few choice supplements to make up for any deficiencies that are sometimes experienced when dieting.

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High intensity exercise plans are often based around weight lifting regimens, and weight lifting, when performed correctly, is one of the best methods to increase muscle mass. Lean muscle mass increases benefit the body innumerably. Dieters experience benefits that include an increased total caloric expenditure, which translates into more fat loss while dieting, and a boost in insulin sensitivity for muscles. This improved insulin sensitivity results in carbohydrates being stored in muscles, rather than fat cells.

Weight lifting should be performed by employing compound movement exercises, such as the dead lift, bench press, military press, lat pull down, and squat. Performing all of these exercises to failure will result in positive hormonal changes in the body that will grow muscle and reduce fat.

Once exercise is taken care of, a hypo-caloric plan of eating must be employed. Refined and processed foods are excluded from these plans because of the tendency a person has to overeat them, and because they are generally low in nutrients. Nutrient dense foods are preferred because of the reduced amount of total food that a dieter will be consuming.

When creating an eating plan, use a basal metabolic rate calculator, available online, to determine the amount of calories that should be ingested daily. Follow this diet by creating a list of daily, then weekly, foods that will be eaten. This food list should predominantly include high quality protein sources, such as chicken breasts and turkey, as roughly 50-60% of total calories. The remainder should be split amongst carbohydrates and fat, with an emphasis on saturated fat to increase satiety.

This eating plan will promote fullness, and allow for the body to utilize surplus protein to build muscle, while also increasing the thermic effect of food. The thermic effect of food is the amount of energy the body must expend to digest and store any particular food. Protein takes advantage of this thermodynamic loop hole by having a high thermic property.

Weight Loss Success Stories – Vitamins, Minerals and Calcium

Any gaps in vitamins and minerals should then be addressed by consuming a daily multivitamin supplement, to start. Dieters should then also invest in a vitamin E supplement, as reduced levels of carbohydrates often result in vitamin E deficiencies.

Calcium is also a very necessary supplement, up to the recommended daily allowance, as workout damaged muscles require calcium to repair and grow. Most calcium supplements come paired with vitamin D, and vitamin D intake should be monitored to insure at least 2000 IU are being ingested daily, as well. The reduced inflammation properties of proper vitamin D intake have a strong effect on reducing fat levels, and improving overall health. Few weight loss success stories are told about people that don’t get enough vitamin D. Also, read this review about a simple way, that can help you Lose Weight Fast.

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