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Uses and side effects of Bcg Bladder Cancer treatment

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Almost more than seventy percent of all new cases as for the bladder cancer are termed to be classified as under the non muscle invasive and are even called as superficial bladder. The main treatment for these types of bladder cancer at this point of state would be the surgical remover of the tumor as through the cyst scope and it is even followed by an additional therapy. The therapy as used helps in reducing the chances for the cancer for recurring in the patient’s body. The other source for a better treatment would be the Bcg bladder cancer treatment as through the bcg vaccine. One can go for this type of treatment as by taking the help of specialist doctor.

Treatment for bladder cancer

Your treatment as for the bladder cancer mainly depends on the stage of the cancer and a number of other factors like your overall health as well as your preference for the treatment. One can discuss the various options with the doctors and then can go for it. One can go for different surgical procedure as these are termed to be the effective one for the treatment of the cancer as for removing the tumor. One can even go for the tumor removal as well as removal of small part of bladder. Other than this BCG is a common treatment that can be opted by the patients for Bcg bladder cancer.

How is BCG used on a patient?

The BCG is actually a liquid solution that doctors use to put in the bladder as with catheter. The person 1430331952106-thinkstockphotos-101043206-e1436471020886then has to hold that solution in the bladder for more than two hours as before he or she urinates. This BCG Bladder Cancer treatment is mainly given to a patient for a week out of six weeks. Further, other booster treatments can even extend after the benefits as well as treatment of BCG.

Benefits of using BCG

The BCG is termed to be the most effective and useful treatment as for the non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. This therapy has shown to delay the growth of tumor to even more advanced stage. This helps in decreasing the importance as well as requirement of the surgical removal of tumor or any part of the bladder from patient’s body later and it even improves the overall survival. One can definitely gain benefits of Bcg Bladder Cancer treatment after getting it.

Best Bladder Control Treatment

Natural Bladder Control Treatment!

Side effects of BCG treatment

Most of the people who have been got Bcg Bladder Cancer treatment have even found some very common side effects in them. The most common side effect is they feel frequent and continuous urine. They feel pain while the time of urination and fever as well as blood in the urine. Some more problems are body aches at frequent interval of times. These symptoms began in a patient after two otherwise four hours as after the treatment and they many even resolve within the time of forty-eight hours. Anyone who feels these symptoms even for more than the period of forty-eight hours should go to doctor.


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