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Reviews Of Treatments For Herpes Simplex Type 1 or 2

If you’ve been desperate to find out how to rid yourself of either strain of the herpes virus, HSV1 or HSV2, then you have come to the RIGHT PLACE.

Treatments For Herpes

I created this site after seeing the distress that this nasty, little virus caused my late mother. I decided to carry out some research on the subject, so that I could help others to avoid suffering in the same way.

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Herpes Labialis (HS1), otherwise known as a cold sore (fever blister or lip pimple), is the most common strain of the herpes virus, and the one I shall be dealing with mostly, in these pages. I will show you that there really are some long-term answers to help you say goodbye (for good) to this horrid little pest, that’s stopping you from enjoying life, as you should.

In my research, it seemed that the longer I looked, the more opinions differed as to the possibility of this virus being contained, to any great extent. However, I am sure that from the evidence available from actual sufferers, this need not be the case.

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On the following pages, I will show you how there are reported to be many simple ways that you can use to prevent cold sores from starting at all.

Does this apply to you?

If you are one of the millions of sufferers world-wide, whose lives are blighted by the Herpes Simplex Virus, HS1, then I am certain you will be pleased to learn that there are many simple, inexpensive methods that you can use to guard against, and even clear these unsightly sores, when once they have erupted.

Often not your fault

The virus is, unfortunately, very easily spread amongst the general population by such simple things as kissing, or by oral contact with the bodily fluid of an infected person.

Keep trying

We must remember that, as we are all unique in our bodily constitution, different herpes treatments will work for different people, so it is wise to try them all, until success can be seen to have been achieved in your case. To find a Natural Remedy for Herpes, I’m sure that you will be willing to try anything.


So, what can sufferers do to clear the condition?

Readers will probably know already that once contracted, the herpes virus is not thought by many, to be capable of actual cure, at this time.

There is hope, however.

From much of my research, I have found that this is not always the case, and I will be telling you about treatments which seem to cause long-lasting clearance of these embarrassing eruptions.
After a breakout, the virus lies dormant in the body, until the perfect conditions are present, that will allow its conductivity.

Such conditions include:

1. Infections
Even simple things like the common cold can cause a cold sore to appear. This is because our immune system is weak at these times.
Or the more serious illness, pneumonia can also be a trigger, as you might expect.


To help prevent this situation occurring, we should ensure that we eat a nourishing diet, as well as taking a vitamin supplement, if we are not entirely sure that this is the case.
To guard against immune system deficiencies, we should try to ensure that our diet contains vitamins A, B, C and E, all of which are necessary to keep it at optimum level.

2. Stress and Anxiety
This has often been thought to cause cold sores to erupt.

You know the feeling; your lip starts to swell, redden or starts tingling just before an important interview or, worse still, before that longed for date with the man/woman of your dreams!

Well, the remedy here is a simple yet difficult one to achieve, in that you should try to relax, whenever possible.

Easier said than done, I know, but we should all try to take time out from our day, for a little ‘me’ time, when we can leave the troubles of the day to take care of themselves. Worrying about things we have no control over, never did anyone any good.

3. Lack of Sleep
This has been known to cause a whole host of problems, even tragedies. Lack of sleep can lead to bad temper and stress, poor health, poor sex life, fading looks, in addition to lack of attention to detail, such as mistakes at work, or worse still, lack of attention when driving or operating machinery.

We should all try to get a good night’s rest, to keep body and mind healthy.

4. Too much sun
As well as being unhealthy for the skin, over-exposure can cause cold sores to break out.

The best way to avoid this, is not to stay for too long, especially in the heat of the day. We should all be adequately protected by a high factor sun screen, at times when it is necessary.

5. Using other people’s utensils
We should all guard against sharing other people’s equipment, used for eating and drinking.

This can be remedied easily by making sure that eating and drinking is only done after washing of implements has been completed.

6. Other known stimuli
These may include: over-exposure to the wind and ultra-violet light, radiotherapy, injury to the face and even surgery.

These causes may not be as easy to remedy, but immediate care should be taken to alleviate the condition where possible, by any known treatment. Leaving a sore can only make it worse.
Apart from these obvious methods of avoidance, we can also use simple remedies found in most homes, to help to clear up a cold sore that has already erupted. Visit this page to learn more:
I shall be detailing these and other methods, to cope with this distressing condition, in the later pages of this website.

One of thesemust-see pages will include lists of dietary ingredients to avoid/include in your daily menus.
With my suggested remedies, I hope that I will help you to say goodbye to this offensive little visitor, once and for all!

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