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Top Video Converter Software for Windows 2019

Today I talk about Top Video Converter Software for Windows 2019. Here in this article you can find out about the latest updates to the best DVD, Video Conveters and Creators for Windows …

Total Media Converter:

tmcMany people would like to play video and other media on different devices for their own convenience. However, not all devices and media players support all media formats. You might find yourself in a situation that may need you to do some workaround for the media to work on the device you want.

The best solution you have in such a situation is to convert the media to a format that most of your devices support and will play flawlessly. For such a task, you need a media converter that best fits your situation. In this article, I will talk about a media conversion software – Total Media Converter.

Total Media Converter is an all-in-one DVD maker, converter, and ripper. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP (SP2) to Windows 8. The application can rip, convert, create DVDs as well as create slideshows.

The all-in-one converter supports many media output formats that are compatible with your mobile devices, media players, PCs, etc. You do not need a different converter for every other device.

Total Media Converter allows you to convert HD videos in real-time without any quality loss. All your videos will remain in the best quality while still being portable on your media players.

Total Media Converter Features:

– Convert any DVD in HD while still maintaining the quality.
– Make stunning slideshows with your favorite music and graphics.
– Rip your DVDs in the shortest time possible with all the features.
– Burn any Video, audio, and images to DVD with High Quality.
– Use it to manage your YouTube videos.
– Copy all your media in a 1:1 ratio that does not affect the quality of the output.
– Full control and customization of your output file by determining different features while ripping.
– Download and convert videos from YouTube on the go.
– Compatible with your Windows OS.



Video Converter Ultimate:

vcThis software helps you to convert video and rip DVD media for your daily usage. You can also use this software when you want to create a DVD. It comes with amazing features that allow you to manage the media that you create using the software.

There are several customization options when you want to convert your media files using Video Converter Ultimate. If you are editing video files, you can manipulate it in different ways without losing the quality of the video. Video manipulation supports cropping, merging of files, subtitles, watermarks, clip, etc.

With the support of online video downloads, you can use your favorite Youtube videos to create new DVDs. You can also download the files for editing. You do not need to download videos using a different software and then find another for editing and burning. The Video Converter Ultimate will serve you in all.

Not only can you edit video files with this unique software but also create custom ringtones for your iPhone. edit your audio or video files to create ringtones that best fit your taste.

With the slideshow creator feature, you can create a custom slideshow of your images. Whenever you want to make that anniversary photos available for easy viewing, you can use the Video Converter Ultimate to achieve this. Use your favorite photos and select a background music and you are done.

Video Converter Ultimate Features:

– Ability to download video from YouTube.
– Ability to create custom slideshows from your photo gallery.
– Rip DVD, convert video, edit video, create new DVD, all in one place.
– Supports all the popular video formats like MKV, MP4,MOV, AVI, FLV, etc.
– Create custom ringtones for your iPhone.
– Ability to edit different aspects of the video input when editing.



Xinfire DVD Region Free:

dvd-r-freeIf you have been anticipating to watch movies and DVD anywhere but encounter regional protection issues, you must be in need of a solution that can help you overcome this. The Xinfire DVD Region Free is an ultimate DVD decryptor aimed at removing the regional restrictions from any DVD.

This amazing software does not only allows you to use the region-restricted DVDs. It also allows you to rip the DVDs and store them on your local drive.

With this software, you can carry your album of DVDs wherever you go for vacation. You can then use the software to play the DVD, work on the videos just as if you were at your home country r the country of production or distribution of the DVDs.

With the Xinfire DVD Region Free, you do not have to know all the DVD protection and restriction features used. It will automatically do it for you. This application supports all the major DVD restriction formats used like CSS, RCE, APS, CPPM, etc. However, since it can automatically detect it, you do not need to know about the format to decrypt your DVDs.

You might also want to store your ripped DVDs to new drives. All you need to do is rip the DVD after decryption. Afterward, use the same software to burn the DVDs.

Xinfire DVD Region Free Features:

– Decrypt your DVDs to watch them from anywhere in the world.
– Rip and copy your DVDs and save the media on your local drive.
– Intelligent software that easily detects the DVD encryption method.
– Compatible with most media and DVD players, editors, etc.
– Intuitive interface enables you to easily use the software flawlessly.
– Always up-to-date software enables you to easily manage DVDs with the most recent encryption methods.



DVD Ripper Ultimate:

dvd-ripThis is a great software when you want to play your DVD movies on your media player devices. It converts the DVDs to other video and audio formats. You can now play your favorite movies on your phones, tablets, computers, or other media players with ease.Apart from DVD ripping, this tool can as well be used for DVD creation. It is an inclusive software you need for all your DVD solutions.

When you want to rip your DVDs quickly, you need to go for the DVD Ripper Ultimate. This is the fastest software that can handle your DVDs and rip them in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, the ripped quality is the same as the original quality. Nothing is lost when you use the tool to rip your DVDs.

Using this software, you can rip any DVD, including the copy-protected DVDs. Only make sure to abide by the local laws and agree with the DVD published to avoid any issues with the law. With regular updates, you can always enjoy your movies on the go by ripping the latest DVDs with the latest copy-protection technologies.

Even as you get the fastest DVD ripping experience with this app, you can as well customize the ripping to suit your needs. You can easily achieve this with the DVD chapter or title preview. You can then choose what you want to rip and what to omit.

DVD Ripper Features:

– Ability to rip and convert almost all media regardless of their copyright status.
– Ability to convert all your DVD formats to mobile compatible videos.
– Ability to customize the target video with the rich editing features available.
– Fastest ripping speed software in the market.
– Maintain a 1:1 video quality on copy and ripping to other formats.



Xinfire DVD Player:

dvd-playIf you are looking for a DVD and movie player for your PC, you might have different options in the market. However, you need an application that will definitely play all your DVD flawlessly out of the box. Not all DVD players accomplish this mission. This is why you have the Xinfire DVD Player in place.

The Xinfire DVD Player is the one solution for playing DVD in whatever format, including region-restricted DVDs. Furthermore, it has a great compatibility with most DVD drives to play the movies from. The application is also friendly with your hardware and your Windows installation.

What makes this outstanding software more lovable is its ability to record and convert the DVDs as you play them. You can also play many video and audio formats from any DVD with this software.

If you were looking for a tool to play your DVD and create your own DVDs from your Audio, images, and videos, then Xinfire DVD Player is your perfect solution. It is capable of creating DVD masterpieces of high quality.

As though that was not enough, you can play your Videos in DV mode and bookmark your playlists, videos, etc. You can also play image and capture images from your DVDs. Ultimately, this is the software you need for your DVD playback.

Xinfire DVD Player Features:

– Enjoy your DVDs on PC without any region restrictions.
– Burn your Audio, Video, and Images to DVD masterpieces in high quality.
– High-quality movie watching experience on your PC.
– Ability to record and convert movies to various formats.
– Watch your DVDs in DV mode.



Xinfire TV Record:

tv-recNow here is your solution to what many have been looking for. Watching your favorite TV programs on your PC is as easy as installing an application. Apart from watching TV, you can as well listen to your radio right from your PC. Even more is that you can record the TV channel as it plays.

Whether you want to watch the analog TV or the Digital channel, you can achieve it by the use of this Xinfire TV Record. It also allows you to record the TV programs you are watching on the go.

Apart from watching your favorite TV programs and recording them, this software also allows you to convert your recordings and save them for future references. You can convert your recorded TV programs to play on other media players like mobile phones and other devices.

This TV recorder comes programmed with the Electronic Program Guide. This will enable you to know all the programs you have received for both the radio and the TV. You will then be able to rename the channels as you wish. You can also delete some channels as you add others to your favorite list.

Xinfire TV Record Features:

– Ability to watch both TV and Radio channels on your PC.
– It is compatible with both digital and analog TV.
– You have the ability to record the TV programs as they stream live.
– You can convert the recorded programs to other formats for easier watching on other devices.
– The intuitive interface makes it easy to use whenever you want to.
– TV watching is in full color and of a high quality and resolution.



DVD Creator:

dvd-creatSometimes it is possible you have been looking for that easy-to-use software that will allow you to create your DVDs on the fly. Now you should rest assured that that software is available that can accomplish your task easily.

You will also realize that you do not need any media conversion knowledge to use this software. You do not even need to convert any media before you burn them. This software is able to handle all these hassles for you. All you need to do is define your video or audio files that you need to burn. The software will carry out the conversion and burn them out flawlessly.

Whether you want the output to be in your DVDs or an ISO image, the DVD Creator can handle that too. DVD burning is ideal when you want to play the files as soon as possible. This only works if you have the DVDs ready and your computer has a DVD-ROM ready . You can then play the DVDs on your favorite DVD player. ISO burning is essential when you want to make your videos and audio ready for burning to DVD but want to create a backup instead of direct burning. It is essential if you want to do it later on.

This software comes with predefined DVD templates to enhance your videos and audio when you burn them. You can create different DVDs with different effects and features to make each unique.

DVD Creator Features:

– Fast video and audio burning without losing quality.
– Burn your ready DVDs or save your DVDs to ISO images.
– Great templates help you create unique DVDs.
– All DVDs compatible with most DVD and CD players.
– Automatic audio and video conversion to DVD format when you burn them.


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