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Top Best Email Marketing Software Tools Reviews 2019

For successful business and promote your own blog, every beginner and professional blogger and website owner should have in their arsenal the Best Email Marketing Software Tools.

Top Best Email Marketing Software Tools Reviews 2017

Below I will show you the Best Email Marketing Software Tools Reviews in the year 2019!

G-Lock Software Backlinks Diver:

Every website owner, including me, would like to rank on top of the search engines. Ranking your website on the top will help you get high-quality targeted traffic and a higher conversion for your products and services. One of the methods that search engines use to rank your website is by analyzing its quality. This is usually measured by the relevance of your website content and the credibility.

The credibility of your website is calculated based on how other websites relate to you. Obviously, people will only link to you if you have something great to inform others. This is the same criterion search engines use. The more backlinks you get from other credible websites, the better your rankings get. It is, therefore, a good idea to have something that can help you know if you have some quality backlinks online and how they perform.

For this reason, G-Lock Software has made the Backlinks Diver software for you. With this amazing tool, you can check the number of websites that link to you. This is essential because many bloggers and webmasters hire people for backlinks but they end up getting poor quality links. At times, they are also conned because they do not get what they pay for. This software brings a solution since you can verify the authenticity of the backlinks you purchased.

Apart from knowing how many websites are linking to you, you are also in the position to tell whether the links are good for SEO, i.e. if they are “Do Follow” or “No Follow”. “No Follow” links discourage search engine bots from following to index the page they are pointing to. It is useless to have such backlinks for your website. The tool will help you to account the “Do Follow” links that add value to your site.

Even better still, this tool allows you to tell the page rank of the current web page that is linking to your website. You can also see the page the link is pointing to on your website. This analysis helps you to determine the quality of the backlinks and what you need to improve on your ranking.

G-Lock Software Backlinks Diver Features:

– Check on all your backlinks in real-time.

– Distinguish between “Do Follow” links from the “No Follow”.

– Check the ranking of the pages that link to you.

– Check the anchor text and the link URL ( the page that is linked to).

–  Know the number of outbound links on the page that links to your site.

– Easy to export to excel for easy collaboration with your co-workers.

– Create a backlink indexer for the pages linking to you.

– So many more features.


G-Lock EasyMail:

Business owners and online products promoters need a way to engage their customers and visitors regularly. It is essential to have a means of communication that will keep your audience at the top of the news whenever you have a new product release or a sale. You may also need to get in touch with them whenever you want to inform them of anything you feel like they may need to know. To achieve all this, you need a way to send out your marketing campaigns in an email to your customers and subscribers.

G-Lock EasyMail 7 is a Windows application that helps you to natively create ad campaigns, design newsletters, and send them to your customers to promote your products. It is an easy-to-use application that works just the same way as having your own custom email server. You do not need to pay any monthly subscription to send out your email campaigns anymore.

Integrated with powerful HTML templates, you will be ready to send your first newsletter in minutes just after your installation. There is no need to look for an HTML editor to create your campaigns. You do not even need to send them out as an image or another form of attachments. Let your content be presented neatly in the body of the email to increase the rate of click-through.

The most amazing feature of G-Lock EasyMail 7 is that you can, actually, tell whether your email is correctly drafted before you send.  With its inbuilt spam filter, you can detect whether the email you want to send will be blocked entirely, marked as spam, or get through to the inbox. Create amazing content that will please your readers.

Sending email campaigns from this application is safe since all your messages will be saved on your local disc. There is no need for a server that can go off anytime and you may encounter losses when dealing with them. Stay safe and organized. Your email subscriptions are also locally saved by this amazing app.

G-Lock EasyMail 7 Features:

– Send your email campaigns from your PC.

– Save your contacts and emails locally on your hard drive.

– Send safe email campaigns that will not be blocked or marked spam by spam filters.

– Create engaging content with the rich HTML editor templates.

– No monthly subscriptions to maintain an email server.

– Unsubscription from your campaigns can be easily managed.

– So much more features.


G-Lock Software Email Processor:

Sometimes it is important to use the data you have sent or received over the email for other projects. You might want to extract the data from different formats before you can use it. However, it becomes hectic when you find out that you have thousands of such data to be extracted and manipulated in a short period of time. What makes it worse is that you need to work with different file formats to dig up your data.

When such cases happen, many people will frantically start rushing back and forth trying to find a large manpower to work on the project. However, this becomes worse because not all people will produce standard work. You will need a solution that will do the job perfectly and as fast as possible. This solution is finally here – the G-Lock Email Processor.

This amazing software is designed for business people of all levels. It allows you to easily dig into emails and manage your email data to organize it into an easy-to-work-with database. It is capable of extracting information from the email body as well as attachments. This application also supports different file formats including plain text, HTML, PDF, and CSV.

Apart from that, this software can work with emails from both the local storage and remote servers as well. You can also use both the bounced emails and unsubscriptions to help you better manage your contact list. In essence, it helps you to manage all your emails data and avoid copy-pasting, reading the email over and over. The software will import different forms of data, like customer orders, subscriptions, etc.

Email Processor Features:

– Works with data from both the email body and attachments.

– Works with different file types e.g. PDF, TXT, CSV, HTML.

– Automatically creates and manages your databases for easy monitoring.

– Management of bounced emails as well as email unsubscriptions.

– Works on both your local email folder as well as your remote email server.

– Works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can rest as the software works for you.


G-Lock Software Email Verifier:

As an entrepreneur, the last thing you would like is to waste your energy, time, and money to send out campaigns to imaginary people. This is as irritating as receiving spam messages in your email. In both cases, nothing valuable comes out of it. Many people get themselves in such scenarios when they create ad campaigns and send them out to their subscribers without knowing that they signed up with invalid email addresses. Sending out emails to non-existent email addresses that always bounce can cause your server IP to be banned from sending out email campaigns and you be blacklisted as a spammer.

Other spammers use addresses meant for spamming purposes. Their aim is to collect your email address when you send out your campaign. They will then use that to blast your inbox with spam of all sorts. It, therefore, calls for the keen and careful scrutinization of your email campaign list before you start sending out your offers. You will need to clean out those junk email addresses from your list to ensure you are communicating with real humans.

To achieve this, it could take a lot of time to identify every other email addresses you have in your contacts. However, you do not need to worry about time, money, or manpower to achieve this. This is the reason the G-Lock Software Email Verifier was created. The software can identify invalid email addresses and clean them from your list easily. It can also clean out email addresses created on invalid domain names.

The G-Lock Software Email Verifier is an intelligent software that will verify all your email addresses database. The process is automated and you will have little to do on your part in the verification process. The results are very reliable. This is the best email verification program in the market for all your verification needs.

G-Lock Software Email Verifier Features:

– Fastest method to verify the authenticity of email addresses.

– Highest reliability of results.

– Ability to record and save your data.

– Easily clean the inbox from autoresponders.

– Ability to export the email addresses list in different methods e.g. CSV, Word, HTML, SQL, XML, etc.

– Save your results to a text file after the cleanup operation.

– Ability to connect to your database to verify emails without the need to import to and export from the software.


G-Lock Email Marketing Automation Bundle:

As an entrepreneur, you need customers for your business in order to grow. There are many methods to achieve this. The most successful method that most businesses use is the power of email marketing. Statistics show that email marketing is the best marketing tool that can see you through your business marketing, be it an online or store-based business.

To achieve a good customer relation with email marketing, you need the best solution that answers all your queries. You need to deliver the emails in time, with the right content, and make sure it reaches the right people. The worst part is that most of the times it is not easy to manage all this easily without wasting both time and money. This is because you will need a lot of manpower to organize the data, create the campaigns, and to sort the email list for sending the email. Even more, you will need to purchase a server to handle your emails and the list.

Today, an easy solution has been designed to finish all your trouble. The G-Lock Email Marketing Automation Bundle is the ultimate solution to email marketing. With this product, you can easily manage your campaigns, organize your email list easily, and send out targeted email with nearly zero bounce rate. This product is an all-in-one package of three software for email marketers. They include the EasyMail 7, the Advanced Email Verifier, and G-Lock Email Processor.

With the EasyMail 7, you can easily create your ad campaigns right from your desktop and send them to your email list. With the included HTML templates, you can easily create unique campaigns that are easy to read for your clients. You can also use the inbuilt spam rating tool to check whether your email will go through or it will be marked as spam before you send.

The Advanced Email Verifier helps you to clean up your list of subscribers. It automatically detects fake email accounts and invalid domain names and removes them from your list. This helps you to improve the authenticity of your emails to avoid being blacklisted as a spammer. It also helps you to save your bandwidth when uploading the emails.

The G-Lock Email Processor is necessary when you want to dig into your emails and extract data for your campaigns. The tool is able to create a database for your subscribers, get the contents of the email, as well as the attachments. It can also clean up your mailbox to remove unwanted messages to maintain a clean and professional email.

G-Lock Email Marketing Automation Bundle Features:

  • All three software included at a great discount as compared to individual product purchase.
  • Fast email campaign right from your desktop.
  • Almost 100% delivery to real people.
  • Fast email processing and organization.
  • Easy campaign creation using the inbuilt HTML templates.
  • Real-time tracking and management of unsubscriptions and bounced messages

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