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Toenail Infection Treatment Home Remedy

Symptoms And Prevention Of fungal toenail infection treatment

Fungal toenail infection treatment occurs because of fungus. Fungal toenail infection is very uncomfortable and causes pain if it leads further. Sometimes it affects the skin also. Fungal toenail infection will usually disfigure the nails.

It also causes physical pain and impairs the ability to work. Nail fungi mostly affects the toenails rather than finger nails. There are chances of spreading from one toe to another and also from one foot to another.

toenail infection treatment

Fungal Toenail Infection Treatment

Fungal toenail infection treatment is caused when the nail is exposed to a warm moist environment, as fungus mostly develop in warm and moist places. It starts on the nail or under its outer edge. Fungal toenail infection is also known as onychomycosis.

The common symptom of fungal toenail infection is, the fungus may turn the nail yellow, gray, brown or black. Or the nails become brittle and crack. In severe cases it may spread to the nail bed, this causes the skin surrounding the nail red, itchy and swollen.

Of course you can analyse how bad the symptoms are depending on how early you catch the infection and how you treat it. Fungal toenail infections can also make your nails thick as well.

In order to avoid fungal toenail infection treatment, try to avoid the following situation: wear the right size shoes. As tight shoe can damage your nail or stub your toe which can lead to fungal toenail infection. If you are taking long term tetracycline medication avoid exposing your toenails to sunlight. It is best recommended to wear closed toed shoes outdoors when you are on this medication.

If you are a diabetes patient or you have an immune deficiency, it is important to stay healthy in all aspects as it helps in keeping your toenails healthy.

Elderly persons need to take extra care in keeping the toenails healthy as nails take longer to grow and longer to heal, making it easier for fungus to grow. Athlete’s foot must be treated immediately as there are more chances of the fungus multiplying between the toes.

If you do not take proper care to cure an fungal toenail infection treatment, the fungus will gradually spread to the base of the nail and down the sides, loosening the nail from the nail bed and filling the separated area with crumbly, yellowish-white gunk like substance. The toenails become thicker and yellowish brown in colour.

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This is not good for your health and it also looks gross. So if you have fungal toenail infection treatment identify the symptoms immediately and take the appropriate preventions immediately.

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