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Toenail Fungus Cure

What’s motivating you to find an effective toenail fungus cure?

Would you like to bring the flip flops and toeless sandals out of the closet? Or would you simply like to take your shoes off in front of others without worrying about what they will think of your toes?

Toenail fungus definitely causes a lot of pain and embarrassment beyond just the physical discomfort, so you probably have tons of motivation to find a cure as quickly as possible.

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Unfortunately, if you’re like most sufferers, you might know what to do about this nasty problem.

The first signs of toenail fungus are often ignored, and many believe they will simply go away on their own. In some cases the problem remains a mild irritant, but in other cases it becomes a major infection. Many people will also suffer from athlete’s foot, which makes the problem even worse to live with and a bit harder to treat.

Once the problem becomes too much to live with, most people will do one of three things to find relief:

  • Visit a doctor
  • Research natural remedies online
  • Visit a holistic healer or Chinese Medicine practitioner29

The pursuit for a complete cure can take months, if not years. The lucky will find their cure right away, but most must do more searching and learn through trial and error.

Visiting Your Doctor

When you see a doctor for toenail fungus, you are likely to be handed a prescription and escorted back out the door. This prescription may be for a topical treatment like Penlac, or it might be for an oral medical like Lamisil. The idea of curing toenail fungus through a simple topical cream or by taking pills each day does give some hope, but it may be false hope.

Most topical prescriptions are not effective for more serious fungal problems, and they may not be the complete cure for more moderate problems either.

Many doctors now prescribe oral medications to most patients, but they come with some rather serious potential side effects. They can damage the liver, so are not recommended for anyone already suffering from liver complications. Many people complain of headaches and stomach pain as well. More serious discomforts and potential health problems could potentially result from the use of some prescriptions as well.

Prescription treatments can also be expensive, especially if you do not have insurance that will cover part of the expense. If you don’t have access to a doctor or cannot afford to pay for high dollar medications, then you may need to look into home remedies and other treatment options. Is curing your toenail fungus worth those health risks? Do you want to live with stomachaches if it allows you to wear those cute open-toed shoes? For most people, the potential of a toenail fungus cure is just not worth the risks and expense of prescription medications.

Natural Remedies

The most popular, and potentially the most effective, natural remedies for toenail fungus involve ordinary things you probably already have around your home, including:

  • Baking Soda
  • Bleach
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Listerine Mouthwash
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Lavender Oil

Most people experiment with mixing some of these ingredients to create topical remedies at home. For instance, hydrogen and peroxide is often mixed with apple cider vinegar to come up with a topical treatment that can be used daily. While these remedies are not always complete cures, they can relieve some of the physical discomfort of an infection and ease some of the symptoms.

Other Options

There are other options that you may hear about from time to time. Some people believe in working with Chinese medicine practitioners, but many of those treatments are simple home remedies that others create on their own with a little research. Some may be more effective than others. The price of seeing this type of professional and securing the treatment varies.

Most people find that over-the-counter products designed to cure toenail fungus work best in the end. They include many of the ingredients used for home remedies, are not expensive, and are easier to secure than treatments from Chinese medicine practitioners. They are sold through a variety of local stores, and you can do research on different products online to determine which ones may be the most effective.

Is There Really a Cure Out There?

If you have been battling toenail fungus for a long time, you may be wondering whether a total cure is out there at all. You may especially be worried if you have tried prescription medications or a variety of home remedies without getting rid of the problem. Many people search for quite some time before a cure is found, and in some cases it comes back once it is believed to have been cured.

What is the solution for your toenail fungus? What will give you complete relief so you can bare your toes in front of all without concern for their appearance and smell? There is no simple answer to this question. What works for one person doesn’t always work for someone else.

The best thing you can do is start looking for a cure as soon as you notice symptoms of a fungal infection. Those who wait until minor symptoms become major discomforts have a much harder time getting rid of their fungus problems. It will also take longer for treatments to work fully if your condition is more severe.

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