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The choice of the microwave oven. Tips and advice

Microwave, at first glance, it may seem one of the most recent varieties of household appliances. But this is not so. Microwave was invented by an American scholar self-taught in 1945. By simple calculations it is possible to estimate that the present invention more than 70 years! Initially this technique was used only in large restaurants and canteens in the us because of its high cost (over $ 4,000.) and considerable dimensions. Half a century later, the microwave oven has taken its current form – has decreased in size and acquired additional functions, and the number of all types exceeded all conceivable limits.

Therefore, before a lot of people faced with a choice of the microwave oven. Man, after reading many forums and reviews, is simply lost in all this variety of different brands, types, functions. In this article you will not see specific recommendation of a product, this clearly structured and submitted information about the benefits and dangers of a microwave oven, provides practical tips on choosing the appropriate model.

So whether harmful microwave?

The myth about the dangers of microwave ovens appeared in the ranks of the armed forces of the us army, and then spread to the civilian population of the United States, and later in Russia. In fact, the first stoves were very dangerous for health – with continued use of a person who was nearby, had migraines, bleeding from the nose. Modern microwave ovens for the past 20-30 years are protected against high-frequency radiation in the form of a special protective film on the inside. This film-the network does not transmit microwave radiation, and with a tightly closed door provides full protection for people.

There is a simple test to check safety of this technique. Enough to put the microwave inside a smartphone, close it and try to make a call on this phone. If it failed, it means the oven has excellent protection. Otherwise, to buy this product is clearly not worth it.

Choose From Top 5 Best Microwaves

Microwave is not only appliances that save our time, but also caring about our health! Thanks to her, prepared dishes of all useful vitamins and microelements. The world health organization (who) proved that microwave ovens are an eco-friendly way of cooking. The following are the parameters on which you should pay attention.

You need to define a budget for your purchase. The average price tag is $ 100 – 200 $. These microwave ovens are optimal on a ratio the price/quality, have a wide range of functionality sufficient for most users. Models of higher price category can boast increased power and additional functions (programming cooking process, the presence of the grill, the temperature setpoint, etc.). Cheap microwave ovens usually have a simple unfussy design with mechanical controls and a limited number of functions (defrost or heating meals/foods). Accordingly, the value of such models is two times lower.
An important factor when choosing is the internal volume of the chamber. It depends on the amount of dishes that you can reheat once. For example, one person is enough internal chamber with a volume in the range of 12-14 liters, for two – about 17-21 L. If your family exceeds 3-5 people, or you plan to cook often and in large quantities, then look at a furnace with a volume of 30 liters and more.

The power of the microwave oven. Today’s ovens this range is from 400 to 1700 watts. For home use is enough of microwave ovens with a capacity of from 700 to 900 watts. From this indicator depends on how better and faster you will be warmed up/cooked dish. Of course, that power should be comparable to the internal volume of the chamber, the smaller the volume, the lower the power and Vice versa.

The inner coating of the camera – this affects the ease of cleaning and durability. Manufacturers use three main types of internal coating:
Heat-resistant enamel. The undoubted advantages include the possibility of easy cleaning and ability to withstand temperature changes. Cons: short life, easy to damage the inner enamel dishes or when brushing.

Stainless steel. It is considered a very reliable coverage due to the high strength of steel and ability to withstand very high temperatures without external deformation. The only serious drawback may be considered a strong contamination of the surface, so care for a microwave with this coating will require more careful.

Bioceramic. Bioceramic coating combines the main advantages of the first two coatings: reliability, easy cleaning, long service life. The only significant drawback is the high cost – price, typically higher than two times than the furnaces traditional coatings.

Control type microwave in addition to the convenience effect on the final cost of the product. Found only two types: mechanical and electronic. Microwave with mechanical control usually cheaper than their analogues with touch controls.

Mechanical. Is considered to be quite reliable. Consists of two rotating handles with markings around them that are responsible for power and cooking time. Some furnaces with this type of regulation “live” 15-20 years!

Electronic. Divided into push and touch. Consultants often suggest button options microwave ovens because of their greater reliability. But, in practice, consumers tend to buy microwave ovens with touch controls, because they are more modern and easier to clean.
Additional functions. Many people who have bought a microwave, use only part of the capabilities of this device. And for good reason. Modern microwave ovens have a number of helper functions. Among them most common are:

The grill function. A very useful addition to the standard cooking methods. In some furnaces meet automatic grill programs, it is sufficient to specify the weight of the product and the stove itself will fry the meat until Golden and crisp.

Integrated breadmaker. Allows you to bake rolls, bread and biscuits and muffins, some models even allow you to knead the dough! The convenience lies in the fact that the app comes with the recipe book, which given the technical characteristics of the furnace, provided the optimal composition for making bread. This means that you don’t have to experiment, because the recipe is all clear and understandable itemized.

Built-in steamer. Steaming makes it possible to prepare products with the conservation of all healthy nutritional vitamins and minerals. This is especially true for young families who have small children.
Function “steam Cleaning”. To facilitate cleaning of the inner surface due to the soft “Stripping” of the surface. After activating this function, simply wipe with a damp towel inner plane, and then wipe dry.
The function “Remove odors”. As the name implies, the function after its use neutralizes odors from cooked foods. The next cooking food will not absorb odors

The inverter technology. Used while a small number of producers because of the high cost and complexity of production. A pioneer in this field is the Japanese company Panasonic. The inverter consumes little electricity, heats instantly and high quality food.

As can be seen from this list, even a small number of functions in a furnace they are used to replace a variety of kitchen appliances: a steamer, bread maker, electric stove, oven.

The type of location. When buying a microwave oven consider where and how it will be. You can buy built-oven (saving on usable space in the kitchen, but it costs more), or the usual “free-standing” (they are cheaper than embedded, they are easy to move if anything). Experts advise to install the microwave at chest level – it is safe and convenient (when using it do not have to stretch nor bend).

General practical tips

Try to choose microwave reasonable: do not need to buy an oven with “unnecessary” functions to overpay for them if you acquire a microwave oven in the office, it is enough one of the cheap models with mechanical switches and low capacity. When selecting a microwave for home use based on the number of people in household, amount of food to be prepared. Choose the oven in the same color palette, in which decorated your kitchen. If you are going to cook often and in large volumes, look for microwave ovens with the function “AutoPower”. These microwaves will save you a lot of time.

Some microwaves included are brochures with recommendations on cooking food directly in the model. Do not be lazy and learn these tips, because that furnace that you had before, might just have different characteristics, and the current model, being more modern, can offer a more perfect cooking (time and quantity of electricity consumed).

Prices on the same model from different sellers (both large national companies and small regional) can differ dramatically. So it is better to spend an extra half hour in search of the most cost effective solution for you than to pay up to 30% of the cost. Many stores that sell home appliances, have recycling programs, do not hesitate to ask the consultants. The old microwave you make a discount on new up to 50 % off! Agree, a good amount!

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