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The Best Software for Email Marketing and Email Newsletters

The best software to manage email marketing, which should have everyone who deals with email newsletters. Below is a software to manage your mailing lists, to extract email addresses, distribute email messages and much much more …


Atomic Email Studio:


Managing your contact list, email subscriptions, and sending out email campaigns and newsletters, you need one solution that can accomplish the task flawlessly. What if you found a solution to collect your email contacts, merge them, remove contacts that no longer work as well as send the email campaigns you have easily? You can now accomplish all these from one central place on your computer.

The Atomic Email Studio is an all-in-one email marketing solution for all marketers who need to reach out to more customers. This tool is able to collect email addresses and create contact lists for you. It can also verify all the contacts in your list to ensure all the email addresses you have are working. The software can also send out your campaigns to your list, all from your Windows PC.

Instead of hiring a lot of manpower to put together your contact list, this tool extracts email addresses from different sources in the shortest time possible. These sources include web pages, newsgroups, data in your local drive files, WHOIS databases, and your Outlook address book. It will then compare the extracted contacts against your current list and merge contacts and remove any duplicate contacts.

This software will then use different criteria to validate the authenticity of the email addresses and remove email addresses that no longer work. After creating and cleaning your contact list, you can use this software to create unique content for your email campaigns and send them out from your PC, bypassing the need of an email server for saving and sending the emails. The inbuilt monitoring tool also helps you to check on your delivery status and bounce rates.

Atomic Email Studio Features:

– Create a mailing list using different sources of data for email extraction.
– Clean up your email list by deleting duplicate entries and removing invalid addresses.
– Create all your campaigns from the sophisticated email creator tool.
– Monitor the performance of your campaigns in real-time.
– Works with all versions of Windows PC.



Atomic Email Extractor:

extractThe business of email marketing will not get you much results without quality contacts. Here, quality refers to the contacts that you are sure that the email campaigns will reach their inbox. You need to collect as many email addresses for your campaigns as possible but you also need to ensure that the email addresses are valid and you will experience minimum bounce rate.

The problem with a high bounce rate include two aspects. The first one is that you would have wasted a lot of your bandwidth to upload the campaigns. The second disadvantage is that you might get banned from sending your emails when the ISP realizes that you are sending emails to “dead”email addresses or addresses that fail delivery. You, therefore, need more contacts, but valid contacts.

It is for this same reason that Atomic Email Extractor was created. This is a software that is able to crawl different websites on the internet to collect email addresses to add to your mailing list. It works on any website, regardless of the website setup. With different parameters, this software can as well identify the country of the owner of the email address it collects from the internet.

With the mailbox plugin for this application, you can as well extract your email contacts from your webmail. It is convenient as opposed to exporting contacts and importing to a list. It works without any need to do double work.

Whether a web page is free-access or is protected by username and password, this tool is able to read beyond your scope. You can be sure to get all those email address hidden behind password. You do not need the login details to the websites.

Atomic Email Extractor Features:

– Automatically crawl any website for email addresses and extract them.
– The software is not dependent on any website features. It can extract email addresses even on password-protected pages.
– Ability to extract email addresses from your current contact list and email messages on your remote email account.
– The application can identify the country of the email addresses depending on the websites and domain names that own the email IDs.



Atomic Bulk Email Verifier:

verifairWhen you are sending email campaigns to your prospective clients, you need to be sure that you are reaching real people. You do not want to waste your time and data sending out campaigns to non-existent email addresses. There is only one solution to this. You need the best email verification program to manage your email list.

The Atomic Bulk Email Verifier is your best bet to verifying and managing your email contact list. This software uses different criteria and techniques to check the authenticity of the email addresses in your contact list. It then removes all the invalid email addresses from your list to allow you maintain only valid addresses to send your email campaigns to.

With the standard spelling rules for email addresses, the program can identify and clean out any addresses that do not comply with the global email address look. If any email address contains a typo or an invalid character, it will be regarded invalid.

This application can also connect to the SMTP server to verify the existence of an email address on the domain name. It will also check for the validity of the domain names. Inactive domain names cannot have email addresses on them. Using the Facebook search feature, this software can also verify the authenticity of an email address by checking if it is associated to any Facebook account.

Atomic Bulk Email Verifier Features:

– Verify all email address in your contact list quickly.
– Verification using the Facebook account association proves that the email address is valid.
– Checks email addresses against the global standard email spellings.
– Verifies if the domain of the email ID is active and tries to connect to its server to check if the email is available in the server.



Atomic SMS Sender:

smsRecent study indicates that SMS marketing happen to have a higher conversion as compared to other methods of marketing. You can be assured of this by the simple fact that most people now use their hand-held devices to visit web pages and online stores, including making online purchases. You, therefore, need to tap into this marketing strategy to boost your business.

To make the most out of your SMS campaigns, you need to get a reliable and affordable service that helps you to send out SMS campaigns to any mobile device. This is where the Atomic SMS Sender fills the gap.

The Atomic SMS Sender is an online SMS messaging service that allows you to send text message campaigns to any mobile device worldwide. This service supports more than 800 service providers in more than 200 countries across the globe.

This great service allows you to customize the “sender”of your campaigns to increase the authenticity of your campaigns. People are more likely to open and read through the SMS and take action when they see the brand name in the “Sender” field.

This automatic SMS sending service does not require you to have any technical knowledge on software. All you need is to log in to your dashboard, create your message and choose the contacts you want to send the message to. The system will handle the rest.

Atomic SMS Sender Features:

– Send personalized SMS messages to your clients.
– All SMS contain your brand name as the sender.
– Easy to create and send messages.
– Securely manage your contact list online.
– Delivery reports for every campaign you send out.
– SMS API to manage SMS sending from your own app.
– Desktop SMS sending application.
– Android and iOS application for SMS sending from your mobile wherever you are.
– Customized subscription form you can add to your eStore/website to collect contacts.



Atomic Email Service:

email-serviseWhen you want to send out newsletters to your mailing list, you need something that works for you conveniently. Owing to the fact that many web hosts do not allow you to send out mass email, you may need to find the best alternative that won’t give you restrictions. Thinking of native computer applications may not work for you in different scenarios. You will then need an online mass mailing service that will serve you on the demand basis.

The solution now remains to be the Atomic Email Service. This is a web-based newsletters sending service. It allows you to send out email campaigns from wherever you are at any time you want. It works conveniently since you can manage your email list and send out your campaigns from your office, home, or even in the internet cafe.

Atomic Email Service Features:

– Completely white label reducing the chances of being marked as spam.
– Personalized emails that refer to your subscribers by their name.
– Android and iPhone app for email sending on the go.
– All campaigns are sent with a responsive design for easy reading across devices.
– Autoresponders for new subscriptions.
– Split test mailing allows you to compare the CTR of different templates before you decide on which one to use.
– Scheduled messages help you to send out your messages just at the right time even when you are not available.
– Subscription form to use on your website to collect email addresses.
– Different email templates to choose from or create your custom templates.
– Tracking of the performance of your campaigns in real-time.
– Much more.



Atomic SMTP Service:

smtpWhenever you send an email online, it has to go through a series of processes before it goes through. One such step is to ensure that the user account used to send the email has full rights to use an SMTP server to send the email. If you rely on the web server’s SendMail and PHPMail to send your email campaigns, then soon you might get blocked as a spammer.

To get through this, you need a reliable SMTP server that authenticates your emails as you send them out. SMTP servers help your messages to go through since they are validated as being sent from real users and not abusers of emails.

The Atomic SMTP Service is your ultimate solution to your SMTP worries for your email campaigns. The service helps you to easily send out your campaigns to your mailing list using your own domain name as the sender. This helps you to prevent the recipients from marking it as a spam email.

With its detailed reporting system, you can easily monitor how your campaigns perform. This helps you to easily manage your campaigns and get the idea on how to best draft your next campaigns. Apart from that, the email delivery is fast for your campaigns to reach the recipient just in time.

Atomic SMTP Service Features:

– Reliable SMTP servers to send your campaigns.
– Fast email delivery system and servers.
– Detailed reporting system.
– Unmatched customer service.
– Your real domain to send out campaigns.



Atomic Mail Tracker:

trackerEven as you progress with your online marketing and email campaigns, it is essential to know whether your emails are being read or just thrown to the junk box. It is now easy to tell who of your email recipients do read your emails and who doesn’t. This allows you to send out your campaigns to those people with a higher chance of reading your messages. This is because a person cannot take an action in your email without reading it first.

The Atomic Mail Tracker helps you to track all your campaigns and identify who has read your emails through. You can see the total number of subscribers you sent your emails to and who read. The percentage of the reading of your emails help you to design better email campaigns that can engage more audience.

You can also identify the country of origin of the readers. You will then concentrate on delivering quality service or content to such regions. You will also learn on how much time your readers take to consume the content. This gives you an idea on how your emails happen to be interesting or of value to your readers.

You can also create reports and send them to your RSS or email for further or future analysis. This helps you to work on your data from wherever you are without having to log in to the server all the time.

Atomic Mail Tracker Features:

– Integrate it with most of your mailing program.
– Full reports in different formats to your email address with full control on when to receive them.
– Identify all readers, their countries, and the time they spend reading your campaigns.
– Identify how your campaigns perform with different metrics.
– Compare how different campaigns performed.


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