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Snoring Strips to Reduce Snoring: Know the Pros and Cons

The concept of snoring strips is not new. Originally these strips were used to bring relief from nasal congestion caused by cold or allergies. You could also find such strips designed for athletes for helping them breathe easier and improve their on-field performance. But over time, the same strips found another use: to prevent snoring.

Reduce Snoring

But before you go out to buy this anti-snoring device you need to assess whether you are the right candidate to use them.

Should You Use Snoring Strips?

To know whether nasal strips would help you, you need to know why you snore. People snore due a variety of reasons, including blockage at the level of the throat or the nose. If there is a blockage in your nasal passage, you would normally wake up with a dry mouth because you have used your mouth for breathing. If this is the case, then you might find using snoring strips helpful.

How Do Snoring Strips Work?

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The basic principle of these strips is fairly simple to understand. They are flexible strips that stick over the bridge of the nose and lift the nostrils in order to widen them. This broadens the air passage and eases breathing.

The downside to any brand of nasal strips is that no matter how much you try to open up the nasal passage, many of us continue to breathe through the mouth. This makes nasal strips worthless for some people, as they simply cannot breathe through their nose. But the plus side of snoring strips is that there are nighttime and daytime strips available, depending on your need.

What are the Best Brands of Snoring Strips?

As with every other anti snoring device, there are a large number of brands of snoring strips available in the market. Which one is right for you? Trial and error is perhaps the only way you can hit the right brand, most suitable for you.

Sleep Quick Strips:

This brand of snoring strips is known for its lack of side effects. Using a scientifically tested and clinically proven formula, these strips are hypoallergenic and highly effective.

These are edible strips that dissolve in the mouth. Non-habit forming, 100% natural and fast-dissolving, these strips remain effective for 8 hours, giving the user peaceful sleep through the night. The onset of action is within 15 minutes after consumption. Regular usage of this product is said to calm nerves and reduce stress.

Breathe Right Nasal Strips:

Mildly effective, this brand of snoring strips is helpful for mild snoring. However it does not work well for all mild snorers and may not be effective for sleep apnea or severe snoring. While they do no harm, they are also not very effective in controlling snoring.

NasalAid snoring strips:

These strips not only reduce or eliminate snoring, they also clear nasal congestion caused by cold or allergies. They also help in the improvement of breathing during exercise. They are latex-free and made in the USA. Their patented design opens up blocked nasal passage for ensuring comfortable snore-free sleep. These snoring strips also assure you of comfortable fit that adapts to any nose shape and size. Also read this review about simple treatment, which can help you Stop Snoring.

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