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Skin So Soft Psoriasis Remedy

This psoriasis remedy cocktail is great for the skin, keeping it healthy, soft, and strong.

Skin So Soft Psoriasis Remedy

1 Cucumber – peeled
2-3 Carrots – peeled, tops removed, and ends trimmed 1 Parsnip – peeled
1/2 Lemon – peeled
1/4 Green Bell Pepper, seeded and stem removed

Bene ts:


This trace mineral is recommended to strengthen hair fingernails, bones, and most importantly for psoriasis, it strengthens the skin. Also has shown an ability to reduce signs of aging. Found In: Cucumber, Bell Pepper


Known to be of great importance to healthy skin, Vitamin A is produced by the body from beta-carotene. Found In: Carrots

Folic Acid:

An important nutrient for people who suffer from psoriasis, Folic Acid can also reduce side effects of some prescribed medications for psoriasis. Found In: Parsnips


Can help increase the skins sensitivity to the sun. This can help people suffering from psoriasis to better accept the beneficial UV rays from the sun. Found In: Lemons, Parsnips

Drink Immediately after making so you can get the most benefits from the nutrients that break down quickly upon exposure to the air. You can make this natural psoriasis cocktail in a blender or a juicer. If you don’t like the taste it is easier to drink when juiced.

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When blended you maintain the fibers that are in the produce, which aid in the processing of the nutrients and detoxifying your colon. This simple treatment can help you get rid of Psoriasis Fast.

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