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Simply the Best Weight Loss Plans for Men

Are you ready to start your weight loss journey?

With all the images of washboard abs, muscles and tanned bodies all over TV, the internet and magazines, it’s no wonder more and more men are wanting to get in shape.

Weight Loss for Men

In today’s industry, most weight loss products are promoted by fit sexy girls or good looking muscular guys. Did they actually use the product they are promoting? Probably not! They get paid to endorse it and claim results.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the next big thing, “oh everyone’s doing the Paleo diet nowadays I think I’ll try that!” or “it’s cool to be vegan, all my friends are”. There is nothing wrong with experimenting but without the proper knowledge, changing your diet won’t have any effect!

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So you can try the obesity soap OR I can show you how to read food labels so you can consciously make informed decisions about what you put into your body.

All product labels have 4 main categories of ingredients that you should be concerned with, they are protein, carbs, sodium and fat. Protein, fat, and carbs are known as macronutrients (micronutrients are vitamins and minerals).

Reading this label is pretty straight forward and for the most part all you need to look for is that the % of calories from the carb section is not all sugar (unless it is very low about e.g. 2g per serving in the above label won’t make any difference, but some labels may have 20g carbohydrates with 18g sugar, this is bad as it means the majority of your serving is sugars in a high concentration) and also make sure the sodium levels are not too high (sodium should be 35mg per serving or less)

Products that contain high amounts of sodium, cause us to become dehydrated which makes us think we’re hungry so we eat more, which makes us thirstier and the cycle repeats. Sodium also causes our bodies to hold water, making us bloated and puffy looking, this is also the cause with excess carbohydrates, your body uses and stores a lot of water when breaking them down.

Check out my article on carbohydrates here for more information.


At 24.48g of protein per 31.25g serve, this is a super high protein content (79.4%), a lot of American protein powders only have around 70%.


Fat comes in at 2.3g per serve, we need fat in our diet as believe it or not eating fat (in moderation AND good types of fat) assists us in losing fat!


Carbohydrates are only 2g which is very low. Carbohydrates are what gives us energy and helps to refuel our glycogen supply (glycogen is the energy stored within our muscles).

So how much food am I supposed to eat?

Starving yourself on diets is a thing of the past, the real secret to dieting is to eat more.

Eat ..more…?

YES, eating more and more often actually causes your metabolism to spike as your body needs it to move faster to process the food that is constantly coming in.

You must eat more of the right food to ensure your body is constantly being pumped full of fiber and nutrients, eating more rubbish won’t do anything toward your weight loss goals.

 So what do I do?

First things first, you need to drink a lot more water!

Water is essential to our growth and well being, with 50-75% of our bodies being made up of water it is no wonder we need to drink so much to stay healthy! 8 glasses a day is recommended.

Sweating, crying, going to the toilet, digesting food and just existing uses a lot of water so it makes sense to replenish it regularly. This will not only lead to proper hydration but it will also greatly improve brain function, energy levels and help keep you feeling full.

Let’s start at the start, with breakfast.

Breakfast is where you kickstart your fat burning journey for the day!

Wake up, immediately have some breakfast and give your metabolism the kick in the pants it needs!

If you skip breakfast your metabolism slows down, then it might spike up a little around lunch, then it will die down and spike around dinner then die down before bed, this will cause you to not have as much energy and burn as much fat, it will actually cause you to store more fat!

My daily breakfast consists of raw oats, mixed to protein shake (usually vanilla), throw on some cinnamon (for added fat burning effects, check out this article on other natural products that can help you shed fat fast) and a coffee, caffeine also aids in helping your body shed fat fast!

For lunch lets have burgers, everyone loves burgers!

There is nothing like homemade burgers! This one is a treat!


600g ground pork

2 tbsp breadcrumbs

4 tsp curry paste


Heat pan to medium-high heat

Combine all ingredients and form into patties.

Fry until golden brown on one side then flip over (approx 2 mins each side)

Combine with your favorite salad, lettuce, beetroot, tomato, cilantro, basil, mushrooms, silverbeet, spinach, let your imagination go wild!

I also fried up some mushrooms and sprinkled little mixed herbs on top, so good!

Now for dinner!

This is one simple, healthy meal that will definitely satisfy!


200g chicken breast

1 egg

1/2 tin baked beans

100g mushrooms – sliced

handful baby spinach

2 pinches mixed herbs


Heat non-stick pan to medium-high heat

Place chicken breast in the pan and sprinkle a couple of pinches of mixed herbs over it.

Put 1 egg in a pot, cover with cold water and boil for 12 minutes on high, after 12 minutes, pour the water out and cover with cold water, set aside.

Once the chicken is brown on one side, flip it over (approx 5-6 minutes each side – always check it’s cooked through before serving)

Put 1/2 tin of baked beans in a pot, heat through (I’ve used baked beans in this recipe as they are good for your heard and provide a lot of your daily fiber)

After chicken is cooked, chop of mushrooms and fry them in the same pan for 2 minutes.

Plate up baby spinach on the side, top with eggs, plate the rest and you’re done!

Why not supplement your newfound diet knowledge with a great exercise regimen! Also, read this review about a simple way, that can help you Lose Weight Fast.

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