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Shoulder Pain – Shoulder Pain Relief Techniques

Shoulder pain can be described as any pain arising from or around the shoulder itself. The pain can be arise from the joint itself, the surrounding muscle, cartilage or even the tendons. This can be caused by a variety of things among them our way of life which is the largest contributor of such pains and others that plague our bodies from time to time.

Causes of shoulder pain


There is a sea of factors that could lead to shoulder pains. Some of these are very common and easily treated while others are more complex, harder to treat and rarely heard of.

Some of the cause of this pain include torn cartilage, poor posture, septic arthritis, rotator cuff injury (which is among the more common complications) osteoarthritis as well as sprains and strains that can be garnered as you get about your daily duties. Other causes can include a separate shoulder, broken arm and in some cases can be the result of a heart attack.

When should you seek professional help?

A good number of the causes of shoulder pain require you to simply ice and wait it out and before you know it you are back your normal activities. But how do you know that the situation is dire and you actually need to see a doctor? If the pain is accompanied by difficulty in breathing or any sort of tightness in the chest, then you should seek help.

Also seek medical attention in the event that the pain is accompanied by a deformed looking joint, you are not able to use the joint or even make any movements with your arm especially away from the body, there is intense pain or sudden swelling.

If there is some slight swelling, tenderness that is characterized by warmth around the joint or redness, you should also make sure you get an appointment. Mean time you should make sure you rest the arm or risk making matters worse.

How to alleviate the pain?

There are a variety of methods that you can try to alleviate and possibly treat your shoulder pains include medical and some physical exercises. Exercises like the door lean, pendulum, shoulder stretch as well as door press can be vital in ensuring you regain full mobility a quick recovery.

To curb the pain, some medical ingredients like acetaminophen can be quite helpful I alleviating the pain and in the even that you have a fever depending on the cause of the pain, you can also get drugs that contain paracetamol.

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Diet is also a crucial part of the healing process and foods like turmeric ginger and cherries can be quite helpful in fighting the pain and inflammation.

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