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Sell Any Custom-made Product using Fancy Product Designer

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At times, customers want to order products manufactured according to their taste. However, they do not get a way to express their desires to the manufacturer or seller. The problem is mainly collecting all required information about the product the customer wants. Even so, this should not stop you from selling customized products to your customers. You can make good use of the Fancy Product Designer for WooCommerce. The plugin will allow you to create a specific product for a specific buyer, also with controls about the numbers, shape, size, color, etc.

About Fancy Product Designer:

The plugin gives you the ability to allow your customers decide what they want to buy from your store. After collecting the data required, you can go ahead and design the product as per the customer request and ship it for him. A good example is when somebody wants T-shirts bearing their company name and logo.

The customers have the ability to design the products they want from the front-end and you make what they want. While designing their products, they have the ability to upload images ( an example is when they have to send you their logo), select color variation they want, specify the quantity of the products they want, etc. – all from your website.

Another advantage is that customers can design their products on the go. Since the plugin has a responsive interface, they can use their tablets or smartphones to design the products. This means they can do it anytime anywhere. No need to wait at internet cafes or to finish their day and do it when they get home.

Fancy Product Designer Features:

– Responsive design.
– Supports both text and multimedia.
– Ability to choose a color variation.
– Ability to set unique prices for different conditions.
– Ability to specify the side of the product to be customized.
– Easy translation to any language.
– Compatible with many WordPress themes.
– Ability to choose which products are customizable.
– Ability to modify the interface.
– Easy Social share integration.

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Fancy Product Designer

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