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Reveal the Secret of Acne Diet for Clearing Your Face

Well you certainly have known that acne diet is still a controversial discussion on acne treatment. If you search information from American Academy of Dermatology, you will find that there is no evidence from reliable researches that found foods as acne cause. Some researches on food and acne correlation still have not clearly proven the association between certain foods with acne. It means the experts must do further studies to determine the correlation among food and acne; whether foods cause acne or foods do not cause acne.

Acne Diet for Clearing Your Face

In reality, there are many people that experience acne breakouts after consuming some kinds of food. Many experts also see their acne patients get better after avoiding some foods. If you have acne you may find the same condition too.

So following acne diet plan is still reasonably for the ones who seek ways to get rid of acne. It is free for you to have different opinion because there is no proof yet about acne diet food but if you learn it more you will see that acne diet meal plan consists of healthy menu. So even you do not believe foods can cause acne you should try acne diet recipes for improving your health status.

Acne Diets That Works

Now let’s talk more deeply about acne diet cure acne. What foods that you should eat and avoid in order to clear up your acne and pimples problem. Basically, this diet should improve the overall skin condition, inhibit the inflammatory reaction, control the oil production, and help the healing process on skin. If you combine this diet with acne home remedies or skin care products, it will provide holistic acne treatment.

  1. Water

You will ask how does drinking water help acne. Drinking plenty of water (at least 6 glasses a day) will prevent dehydration on your skin. Dehydration cause irregular shedding on your skin cells that will lead to skin pores blockage.

  1. Fresh veggies and fruits

It is important aspect on diet to clear acne because it is great resources for vitamins and minerals that will help clearing toxins from our body. Eat 5-10 servings of fruits and veggies/day for achieving maximum benefit.

  1. Fish oil

Many people wonder does fish oil help acne. The explanation is the fact that vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil help reducing inflammation and balancing hormones.

Foods that Cause Acne

If the explanation about foods that help acne is clear enough the studies on acne have not proven yet how foods can cause acne flare up. This list is based on experiences from people with acne that found benefits from avoiding these foods:

  1. Dairy products

Besides high in fats, milk is also containing hormones in high level because 75-90% milk produce by pregnant cows.

  1. Refined sugar or carbohydrates

Cut off or at least reduce the consumption of cake, bagel, candy, soft drink, doughnuts, French fries, etc.

  1. Seafood

Seafood especially shellfish is containing high level iodine that may cause acne breakouts.

  1. Omega-6 fatty acids

This fatty acid is used by our body to create hormones which play important roles on inflammation reaction. Foods that have high level omega-6 fatty acids are ham, bologna, bacon, most fast food sandwiches.

  1. Trans fat

Eat too much Trans fat may lead to greater inflammation reaction that plays important roles on acne formation. Here are several foods which contain much Trans fat that you should avoid chocolate, margarine, potato chips, or shortening.

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Treating acne is quite difficult. Besides using the best acne products you should learn other aspects on complete acne treatment. So if you are searching how to clear up acne fast please consider applying acne diet.

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