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Pros and Cons for Lamisil Treatment for Nail Fungus

One of the most encountered treatments for nail fungus is Lamisil. Lamisil is prescribed all over the world by many doctors as it has shown its effectiveness over the years. The ingredient contained by Lamisil which fights against the fungus is terbinafine.

The treatment usually recommended by doctors is between 6 and 12 weeks. One pill a day should be taken. This treatment may be longer in severe cases. Terbafine is believed to be much safer than other antifungal medications.

Many people used chemical antifungal medications as they have a high effectiveness at treating nail fungus. Unfortunately, many of them have serious side effects on kidneys and liver. These problems still exist with Lamisil even if it is much safer to use than other products were in the past.

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Lamisil may induce kidney failure or liver problems as opposed to natural remedies. Also, Lamisil is not recommended in situations like preexistent liver and kidney diseases, alcoholism or pregnancy. If taken with some other drugs, it may induce serious side effects to the user.


There are many other disadvantages of using Lamisil. One of them is the extremely high cost of it due to the needed long treatment in order to produce its effect.

Due to all of these disadvantages of Lamisil, many people prefer more traditional ways of treating nail fungus. There are many natural remedies available on the market. For example, there is people using vinegar, Listerine or dilute chlorine in order to treat their nail fungus.

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages of these natural home treatments. The biggest one is that their effectiveness is much lower than the one of chemical products.

These natural remedies may be effective only after growing completely another nail. The time is very long and many people do not have the necessary patience in order to complete the treatment.

Even if you are using natural or chemical products to treat nail fungus, you should know that the best thing to do is preventing its appearance. You can prevent nail fungus by trimming your nails often, keeping them dry and clean. Also, cleaning the space between the toes is very important as many fungi thrive there better than in any other place.

You may treat your nail fungus using home remedies, but the effectiveness of these treatments is rather low. A good way to treat nail fungus is by using extracts of an Australian plant called tea tree. It has shown its effectiveness for centuries for the aborigines of Australia.

In conclusion, the best advice you can get is from a doctor. He will tell you the pros and cons of virtually every method of treating nail fungus. This way he will help you in choosing the right and safe method for your own problem.

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