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Preventing Toenail Discoloration

Toenail discoloration is not a fun thing to deal with. However, taking simple measures can help prevent the common causes of toenail discoloration.


Preventing Toenail Discoloration

One way to prevent toenail discoloration is to have good foot care practices. The most common cause of toenail discoloration is fungi. Fungi love to breed in dark moist places, making feet the perfect target. To help reduce the risk of fungi attacking the toenails, one should make sure they alternate the shoes they wear. Another thing that can help is to wear shower shoes when at a public pool, in a locker room, or when using a public shower. Change out of damp socks right after working out.

After washing your feet, thoroughly dry them so that moisture is not a problem. Do not wear anybody else’s shoes or socks, as one can pick up an infection from someone else. Proper moisturizing of the feet can help prevent fungi from attacking the feet, as well. When the feet aren’t properly moisturized this can cause cracks in the feet, which can be an entry point for fungus.

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Also make sure to cut the toenails properly. When toenails are not cut correctly, this can lead to spiked corners of the nail being created. This spiked corner of the toenail can cut into the surrounding tissue which can cause a wound, this can then be an entry point for a fungus or other infection.

Another way to prevent toenail discoloration is to beware of nail salons. At nail salons, there are many people that are getting pedicures day in and day out. This leaves you vulnerable to picking up a toenail infection that can lead to toenail discoloration.

The main cause of picking up a toenail infection at a nail salon is improper sterilization, or no sterilization at all, of the equipment used. This can easily spread infection from person to person if one of the clients had a nail infection.

If one still wants to get a pedicure professionally done, it is best if one brings their own tools as a preventative measure.

Last but not least, one can prevent toenail discoloration by choosing different types of nail polish. Nail polish that is dark in color can cause the toenails to become stained after a while. It is best to use light colored nail polish to avoid the discoloration that can be caused by dark nail polish. If you like dark nail polish, you should use it in short bouts and not for an extended length of time.

These are some of the ways that one can avoid the common causes of toenail discoloration.

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