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Pimples On Buttocks

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts I’m a 34 years old man who up until about 10 months ago was suffering from the effects of chest acne and also pimples on buttocks. And looking through my family history many of us have been prone to acne as soon as we hit puberty very early in our lives. Typically, the problem is that the acne remains with us well into adulthood and this was true in my case as well.

Pimples on Buttocks

Even though the majority of my relatives have had acne; my case was a little unique because I was the only one to my knowledge who ever had the pimples on buttocks so there was no where to turn to for guidance. And this is when I was in my teens.

Needless to say it was extremely embarrassing and even though I was active in sports my self esteem took a hit every single day. Can you imagine having to shower with your teammates after football practice and people are staring and pointing at your pimples on buttocks. And of course they won’t call it acne on buttocks; they usually called it some kind of STD, like herpes or something. Yeah, they say kids can be cruel, and I almost quit the team just because of my butt pimples.

So I suffered with butt acne and regular face and chest acne for at least 15 years before I finally got some relief. And within the span of 15 years I have spent thousands of dollars on the supposed “acne breakthroughs” that did nothing for me, and in some cases made my skin break out even more (I don’t even want to think about it). By the time I got the college I still had the pimples on buttocks problem, I mean since acne ran rampant in my family I wasn’t thinking I would just simply “grow out of it.” But in college I decided to learn more about the causes and the effects of acne and pimples.

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So I began to associate with more people who had gone through the same ordeal and we shared some ideas and experiences. I learned that about 80% of people would get acne, and that tight clothing contributed to the appearance of pimples on buttocks. I am a guy who always wore long pants and hardly wore shorts for any reason, so I guess that contributed to my problems too. I needed to wear loose clothing which would make room for my skin to breath. Also my clothes and bed sheets and pillow case needed to be washed more frequently because during sleep the body gets rid of dead skin cells and moisture like oils etc. And sleeping on it every night will lead to body acne, pimples on buttocks, and other conditions.

I learned about all this from an ebook called Acne No More and it was actually by chance that I decided to give a book a try. I had previously heard about this Acne No More ebook but I dismissed it as just another hype that may or may not work. I was on a budget so I didn’t pay it any mind. But it just kept coming up In more conversations with friends who were actually getting results. It was like I had real life test subjects who I actually knew and could actually see for myself that they were really getting results. And that was all I needed to take the plunge and I tried Acne No More. And folks all I have to say is that it’s been great. As an acne and pimples on buttocks sufferer for over a decade, I say that this is probably the best investment I have ever made in my life.

The Bad Points Of Acne No More

  • With any new activity or products we take part in, there is always some drawbacks to it or something unexpected that we didn’t anticipate, and the same is true for Acne No More. If you have pimples on buttocks and acne – but you are not someone who enjoys reading; then you may find that this product contains so much information that it will make your head spin if you are not careful (lol).
  • Acne No More requires commitment to the natural treatments which it teaches about. So you really have to be dedicated and stick with it. And by that I mean that you must still continue to use it even after you start to see good results. I say this because a lot of people actually tend to slack off as soon as they start to see signs of the acne and pimples on buttocks vanishing. So always remember to stick with it.

The Good Points of Acne No More

  • A lot of acne medications out there contain harmful chemicals, and a lot of times they are responsible for aggravating a mild acne condition into a really big problem. Just imagine your pimples on buttocks problem suddenly multiplying after spending money on a treatment that is supposed to cure it – because that happened to me twice already. That is why those acne creams and systems that are sold to unsuspecting and usually desperate people actually backfire. They are not suitable for all skin types and will actually worsen the appearance of pimples and body acne.
  • And in my opinion, this is where the Acne No More guide breaks away from all the others and their false promises. Acne no more actually uses an all natural and holistic approach to getting rid of face acne and pimples on buttocks. And I am living proof that it works.

Acne no More has in-depth knowledge about the skin which is the biggest organ in the body (I actually didn’t know this until I got this ebook). It is literally a treasure trove of information about healthy skin care that by the time you are done with this ebook you might be an expert in dermatology (Ok just kidding, you actually have to go to school for that, but you get the idea).

Final Verdict Don’t let acne and pimples control your life

Acne no more system worked for me plain and simple. The author of the “acne no more” is Mike Walden – a skin expert who has put in the bulk of his knowledge about healthy skincare into this product. Acne no more worked for me and some of my close friends. And because it is an all natural and holistic approach to healing acne and pimples on buttocks you have nothing to fear from harmful chemicals or side effects.

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