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Oral Nail Fungus Treatments Side Effects

It can be tough to find the right finger nail/toenail fungus treatment. These days there are many natural nail/toenail fungus cures that not only get rid of nail fungus, but also stop them from coming back.

Finger Nail/toenail fungus remedy can be treated with medications, topical creams and home remedies. As with any difficult to treat fungal problem, each has its own side effects and limitations. Depending on the type of nail fungus infection, some of these are effective for some people while others are not.

A diagnosis of the nail fungus as well as the person’s health condition is necessary before figuring out what fingernail/toenail fungus remedy will work.

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Here’s a look at some nail fungus treatment options and their side-effects or limitations:

Risks and side effects of oral prescription medications

Your doctor might prescribe oral antifungal medications for your nail fungus treatment advising you to take them for six months to a year. Terbinafine, under the trade name Lamisil, is prescribed as a finger nail and toenail fungus remedy.

This takes several months to show any results in the form of new nails growing out in place of the infected one. If you stop the medication early, the nail fungus just continues to grow without any response to the drug. The worst thing about these drugs is the recurrence of the infection as soon as the drug is stopped.


Side effects that are common for this nail fungus treatment are diarrhea, fatigue, sometimes new signs of infection, fever, changes in vision, liver damage, nausea, loss of appetite, stomach pain, skin rashes, swelling, breathing trouble, etc.

Often, doctors will prescribe Lamisil because they expect the benefits to outweigh the side effects. So you need to think twice before accepting this is a fingernail or toenail fungus treatment.

Ineffectiveness of many topical applications and home remedies, including tea tree oil, vinegar, Vicks Vaporub

Since drugs can take a long time to show any effect, it is natural to turn to home remedies for nail fungus remedy. Of these tea tea oil, vinegar and Vaporub are being recommended as nail fungus treatments.

There is no actual proof that vinegar is a nail fungus cure even though there are claims that it stops the growth of certain bacteria when feet are soaked in diluted vinegar. Likewise, while Vicks Vaporub is mentioned as a nail fungus remedy, there is no prescribed method in which to use it. Moreover, it is better to consult your doctor before using a product meant to treat another ailment.

Another nail fungus remedy is applying antifungal lacquer, if the infection is in the early stages. This is applied on your nails and around it once per day. After a week, the seven layers are removed and you start over. This has to be done for about a year.

However there is no guarantee that everyone will benefit from this toenail fungus remedy. While some of the above nail fungus treatments appear effective for a time, they can pinch the pocket, bring other health risks and worst of all, and make the nail fungus come back.

Topical creams, applied on the nail and skin, are another method of toenail fungus treatment. Today there is a topical treatment plus homeopathic oral spray that has been proven to be highly effective in fingernail and toenail fungus cure.

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