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Natural Pain Relief By Swimming

Swimming is a excellent way to get natural pain relief from joint pain, provided you’re in a heated pool of course. There are a number of different strokes you can do for swimming, some may be good for you to do, and some might actually do no good. So, we recommend you speak to your physio therapist before learning any new strokes.

Natural Pain Relief By Swimming

Do you have the style of a breast stroker or is the doggy paddle more your style? A variety of swim strokes can be as simple as the doggy paddle or as difficult as the butterfly swim style.

Natural Pain Relief By Swimming

A swim style is just a way that one moves about a body of water. These activities are performed using your arms and legs against the current of the water, which will cause you to propel through the water. The wise way to perform these special swim strokes is smoothly and without a great deal of splashing in the water.

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Underneath is a listing of some special swim strokes that you can master if you put your mind to it.

Crawl: The crawl is a swim style that is done in the prone position, meaning facedown. Using over-arm strokes and some light fluttering activities with your feet so you can move across the top of the water. Your head does not submerge, but rather stays on top of the water with side-to-side movements alternating.

Sidestroke: Laying on one side of your body use a forward underwater stroking motion and scissor kick your legs.

Breast stroke: This is a stroke that is done in the prone position. Spreading your arms in front of you and bringing them back to the level of the shoulders with alternating frog kicks you propel yourself across the surface of the water. The head remains above the surface of the water. Be careful with breast stroke if you have knee pain, this stroke may be bad for your knees.

Natural Pain Relief By Swimming

Dog Paddle: Often this stroke is one that is a natural inclination for the body to perform. The dog paddle is a combination of flutter kicking and the outward reaching of the hands underwater to keep yourself afloat.

Backstroke: This is done on your back, the supine position. With a flutter kicking motion and over-the-head arm strokes you make your way across the water’s surface.

Butterfly: Performed in the prone position this tricky stroke takes a great deal of practice to get it perfect. Very tiring to do, the butterfly stroke combines an upward swinging, round motion of both of the arms at the same time along with kicking.

Freestyle: This swimming style can be anything that you want it to be with regards to all of the swimming strokes.

These are just some of the special swimming strokes that are known. There are other different swim strokes as well. Competitive swimmers must practice very intensely to perfect each special swim stroke. Whatever style swim stroke you choose to use it is important to make sure that you practice water safety first at all times. Keep practicing and be safe.

All it takes is some practice and you will have the swimming strokes of an expert swimmer. Another good thing about swimming is that being in the water will diminish swelling in your limbs, which can give you much pain relief also. Swimming is an excellent way to get natural pain relief and to feel good when you are weightless for a period of time during your day.

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