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Migraine. Signs and treatment

A fairly common and dangerous disease is the migraine, which is a disorder in the field of neurologists that otlichaetsya very strong, unbearable pain in the head. Such pain can be intermittent or regular, and often occur on one side of the head (rarely may appear in both parts). In this case, any significant head trauma or diseases are eliminated, and pain compared with vascular headache that is not caused by stress, a decrease in pressure or Vice versa.

The problem of migraine is often found and generally is very widespread. It can be felt several times a year or several times a week. From migraines affects people regardless of gender, but women complain of headaches of this nature more often than men.

Most often, pain in the disease of a migraine strike one part of the head, but it happens so, that starts to hurt the head. The pain may spread to the eyes, jaw and even neck. Migraine pain is pulsating in nature shows and it can grow under such stimuli as loud noises, bright lights or strong smells.

Not infrequently during the next migraine attack can cause nausea, sometimes accompanied by vomiting appear cramps and heaviness in the stomach. Because sometimes, pain pills are unlikely to help here.

Migraines dizziness may occur, in consequence of disrupted orientation in space. A bad mood and feeling of depression, people become irritable or sleepy.

Such smut pain can last for several hours, but if it does not pass a few days in a row, this so-called migraine status.

People can learn about the occurrence of the next attack when the precursors. This is called an aura. Indicators of the aura can be:
1. Dizziness;
2. Fog before the eyes;
3. Hallucinations (of any kind);
4. Loss of coordination;
5. Bad speech;
6. Tearfulness or irritability;
7. Want a sweet.
Sometimes it is possible to prevent the attack in advance taking the medication.

Migraine. Signs and treatmentCauses of migraine
The emergence of such diseases as migraine can be explained based on several factors:
1. The pressure changes (it can go down as well as rise);
2. Problems in robot nervous system;
3. The brain is poorly supplied with blood vessels lent;
4. The lack of “happiness hormone”, serotonin so called, and the violations associated with it.

People that suffer from the presence of such diseases as migraine, may experience pain in such cases:
Stress, depression, nervous tension;
Shortages of water in the body;
Visit stuffy rooms;
Physical activity;
The use of alcoholic beverages;
The use of hormonal drugs;
Changes of weather or climate;
Wrong routine.

A migraine attack can be removed without the use of medication with several methods. It may help to massage the head or neck, it may be sufficient just to wash your hair or take a contrast shower. Can also help exercises of a person or a dream. Although such methods will do nothing to relieve severe pain, and will help not only with severe headache.

If the attacks a lot stronger, you can try yoga or taking homeopathic medicines.
But in the case when the pain becomes unbearable, you should still seek medical treatment. Such drugs often include a combination of components in the composition and in this way influence each other, thereby intensifying the effect, in General.

Such drugs can be sold in the form of suppositories or tablets.
Candles are used for cramps in the stomach, because the pill here will be ineffective.
Before using any medication, you should consult a doctor who will prescribe the correct and effective treatment.

If you experience headaches it is important to get rid of irritants that provoke migraine.

Folk remedies in the fight against migraine
A good remedy is a mixture of juice of carrot, spinach and dandelion. You need to drink before a meal three times throughout the day.
It is also useful to drink juice of fresh cucumber.
You can eat a piece of herring, if the pain originated on the grounds of mental work.
It is possible to carry out this procedure for several days: one to break the egg in a glass and pour boiling milk. Then it all quickly stir and drink immediately.

The use of herbs in the treatment of migraine:
Elder flowers have to pour boiling water and infuse. You can even eat before meals, twice a day. Drink this infusion should with migraines, med.

Mint pepper fill with boiling water and covering heated in a water bath. The mint need to stir constantly for 15 minutes. Then infusion should be cooled to room temperature and strain. Then add boiled water. Drink should be warm to the meal. Store this infusion can be up to two days in a cool place.
Some slices of bark of viburnum pour boiled water and infuse for half an hour so. Further it needs to drain. Take the infusion should migraine a tablespoon 3 times a day. A decoction has sedative effect on the body and lowers blood pressure.

It is important to know that those migraine medications that have caffeine, or codeine, help is good. They are effective. But these drugs can cause dependence.

And so, prevention of migraine is to remove the factors that provoke headache that is characteristic of the disease. So those people that suffer from migraine in the future can protect themselves from all the stimuli that provoke smut pain.

You also need to follow some rules. They will help prevent the disease:
The proper mode of the day;
Avoid stress and nervous overvoltage (the same applies to physical overvoltage);
You should avoid mental fatigue;
Proper nutrition (you need to avoid those foods that provoke attacks);
Absence of harmful habits;
It is very important to organize your dream.

In the presence of a migraine it is very important to adhere to simple rules and of course to prevent. You also need to consult with your doctor about treatment and naturally care of yourself.

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