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MediaNet Is Reliable Contextual Advertising Network Next To Google Adsense Legit Review

Make Money With YahooBing Media.net Advertising Network | Trusted Or Scam

As many publishers know that there are a lot of advertising networks out there to monotize our blog to increase a monthly paycheck. However, I recently found a network from one of the blogs where it really surprised me. At first sight, I was not very sure about but after digged a bit, one network popped up which is Media.net contextual advertising network for publishers.


It was a year ago, I was bit curious to know about Yahoo ad network to place ads on my blog because I believed that Yahoo also can be so beneficial for our blog to make some fast money just like Google Adsense. However, an early days the entry for the mass publisher’s were restricted to Yahoo. But now things have changed for the small publishers who can get in touch with Yahoo advertising program through Media.net.

Media.Net Easy Challenge

Media.Net has come up with a unique system to earn some revenue through mobile optimized ads users, tablet users, Android, blackberry and PC’s. Media.net can offer a lot of feasibility for customizing ad formats and for a smooth browsing experience. If you have a blog, you can have YahooBing Media.net contextual ads as well as other advertising network like Google Adsense program simultaneously.

Getting Approved To Run Ads Like Google Adsense

Media.net advertising network specifically designed to target bloggers who have high quality visitors. Just like Google Adsense, Media.net also verify the interested blogs manually before an approval. One of their technicians will manually review before running the ads. I do not think it would be a difficult path to get approved by them if you have a considerable amount of web traffic from UK, CANADA,USA and other advertisers targeted countries. According to me, they would approve your site if visitors are coming about 30% from US region. Check your visitors count before submitting your blog.

Media.Net Impression And Pay Rate Vs Google Adsense

Just like any other bloggers, I was curious to know how much Media.net can yield result for my traffic. In the first day of my ad campaign it was very impressive which reached to $2 per 1000 impressions. Well, this is something not a bad result at all while comparing Infolinks.com. There are few bloggers claiming that their RPM showed $2 in the first week and later started to diminish to zero.

Media Net Distribution Network Scam!

I wonder myself what could be the reason for it. Still my blog getting considerable amount of visitors, hence I am getting good readers and the click pay percentage is still the same since beginning. Sometimes the RPM goes down to $1 in a day, however the traffic statistics also should be well noted. Nonetheless, when we compare to the master Google Adsense still click per rate is extremely low anyway.

If you keep up your blog visitors between 800-1000 visitors per day then it could reach up to $6 – $8 per day or even more. Still there is no guarantee of it, however based on my calculation the result has given to you. In the final calculation, you may be able to reach $100 or even more in just a month. Not a bad one while comparing to small contextual advertising networks.

Yahoo Cum Bing, Getting Paid & Payment Type

There are two gateways for your convenience. You must reach your payment threshold of $100 in order to get paid. They do also have Bank transfer payment mode as well as PayPal online payment processor. You can opt-in for any one of the accounts to receive your payment. But I do not know how long it will take to process and get credited to our account. Still I am new to this and waiting for my first payout. I’ll update it once received the payment.

Quality Worth On YahooBing Media Advertising Program

I would say, I have used two programs so far such as Google Adsense and Infolinks. Media.net could be better than the other networks around next to Google Adsense. I have recently joined and it’s going pretty decently when it comes to ad impression and the day per earning. I do believe that it could reach in 45 days time period or so. I’ll let you know the update when payment received.

For you as well as for me, let’s hope that the Yahoo and Bing network can add up some money for our hard-work and the time that we are investing in. Still not many bloggers would claim Media.Net is a reliable contextual advertising network for now. If hiccups found on them then I would update the story on this page.You can try and validate yourself if you want to. Just dive in.

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