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Manage Your Product Shipping Rates Easily with Table Rate Shipping

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WooCommerce is a great eCommerce platform plugin for WordPress. When you set up your eCommerce website, you need a WooCommerce flat rate shipping solution to easily manage the shipping charges made to each product since it is inconvenient to bill equally for different products. This is where the Table Rate Shipping comes in to fill the Gap.

About Table Rate Shipping:

This is a plugin that can be integrated with WooCommerce (and JigoShop) to add a functionality to manage and add different shipping rates using different conditions.
The plugin adds a new setting rule to your WooCommerce or JigoShop to allow you to manage the shipping option. You can then easily set up the rules from here. The plugin works perfectly on servers running PHP 4 and above.

You can set up the rates based on the size (volume) of the product, weight, destination, price of the commodity, etc. You can apply different variations at the same time, too.

With the tax feature, you can decide whether you will charge tax fee on the shipping cost. This is essential to avoid being taxed for the cash you did not keep as profit.

The per location shipping rules of this WooCommerce flat rate shipping give you complete control on the way you charge for shipping to different destinations. You can set different rules for different destinations or apply the same rule everywhere. Destinations can be determined by country, city, ZIP, etc.

Table Rate Shipping Features:

– Set the rates based on different variables.
– Apply more than one shipping cost rule per purchase.
– Offer different delivery options (Standard and Express)
– Charge handling fees dependent on different conditions.
– Easily manage charges for purchases of more than one product.
– The choice to apply same rules for different locations or charge differently per city, country, ZIP.
– The ability to choose how you should display the shipping rules form to the customer.

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Table Rate Shipping

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