Light Exercise Ideas For Maximum Weight Loss

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Most of us need more exercise in our lives. Modern technology has made living the least physically demanding it has ever been, and our bodies are reflecting that. Obesity and heart-related disease are at all-time highs and on the rise and our lack of activity holds a lot of the blame. The problem, however, is that most people think it takes a lot of dedication and discipline to get active.

Exercise Ideas For Maximum Weight Loss

Heavy physical exercise is one of the most rewarding activities for your health, but there are a lot of other things out there you can do to get in better shape. Your options are endless, and the important thing is that you find something you enjoy enough so that is requires no commitment. If you can find something like that, you’ll become more and more active and the pounds will drop right off. Here are four suggestions.

Ideas For Maximum Weight Loss

Ping-pong or “Table tennis” as it is officially known is a great sport for getting active. As a scaled-down version of tennis, ping-pong is a fun sport with a fast pace but isn’t nearly as physically demanding as its larger counterpart. It can be taken up by anyone, and will get your body moving, build your reflexes, and get your heart pumping. It’s a great source of exercise that will burn a lot of calories without leaving you winded and drained of energy.

The rules are extremely simple and can be learned in minutes, and as long as you have a table it can played anytime. It is also a very enjoyable sport, and when playing with a friend you’ll find yourself staying with it for much longer than you had originally intended.

Badminton is another great sport for exercise. Though it’s slightly more physically demanding than table tennis, badminton can really be played at any pace. The specially designed birdie lofts through the air much slower than a tennis ball, so you can enjoy this sport on a leisurely level, or push further and play harder and really get your body working.

Either way you’ll be burning calories and getting the exercise you need, but you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. While badminton is normally played on a full-sized court, you can play it in your own backyard with just a birdie and two rackets. Because of its varying levels of physical exertion and the ability to play anywhere badminton is a very versatile sport.

Swimming is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise on the planet. For starters, as easy on the joints as physical activity comes, and the amount of natural exertion it takes to propel your body through the water requires your heart to work hard and your body to burn a lot of energy. It’s also great for total-body fitness, because it literally works every part of your body.

Swimming is also one of the highest rated exercises for quickly burning calories. Since we’re trying to focus on low-key exercise that you can enjoy doing and don’t dread, swimming is also wonderful because it gives you the opportunity to exert yourself however much you want, and then relax for a while.

Treading water and light swimming don’t take a tremendous amount of effort, but the reward your body reaps is amazing. Then, once you’ve grown tired of swimming and splashing about, you can pull up a float, kick back, and enjoy the sun and the water. Obviously swimming isn’t very versatile as you have to have a pool, but it’s not too difficult to find one if you don’t own one.

Finally, we have a form of exercise that is truly unique: video gaming on the Nintendo Wii console. The Wii is marketed as the first video game system that actually promotes physical activity, and Nintendo has actually developed several games that are geared towards motion and exercise. Never before has a person been able to burn calories as they play a video game, but now you can conveniently do so from your own home.

Aside from exercise games, there are also several sports games that will get you moving and competing. The beauty is that none of these games are as physically demanding as the sports they represent, but they will get you moving and burning energy and exerting yourself. You can also easily get yourself caught up in competition with your friends, playing for hours as you burn calories and build up the strength of your heart.

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Although physical activity is required less than it ever has been, it has never before been easier to access. With the wave of convenience that has swept America has come a new, interesting concept – convenient exercise. This genre of making effective physical exertion readily accessible is quickly growing, and offers unique opportunities to get yourself in better shape. Simply find an activity like the ones above that you enjoy, and you’ll find that it’s easy to get off of the couch and get that exercise you know you need.

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