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Learning about How Much Does Laser Toenail Fungus Removal Cost

Often times people are wondering about how much does laser toenail fungus removal cost, because they want to have the procedure done to them, but they have limited budgets with limited knowledge about it. Yes, laser toenail fungus removal can be your solution to get rid off the fungal issue for once and for all, but you also need to change your life style so you won’t have to suffer from it anymore. of course there are also other methods of toenail fungus removal, but you need to consult your doctor and find the best solution that fits your condition.


Understanding Nail Fungus Problems

You may see this yellowish or white spot on the tip of your nail – or nails. If those spots don’t affect your condition and you feel nothing, then you shouldn’t worry about it. However, if you start suffering from pain and your nails are somehow becoming fragile and brittle, then you should seek medical attention for your issue. Nail fungus can happen to your fingers or your toes. In some cases, it happens to one nail only; but in others, it affect several nails altogether. Also known as onychomycosis, this toenail fungus will make your nails:

  • Dull and has no shine at all
  • Thick
  • Ragged, crumbly, or brittle – often times become fragile
  • Having dark color under the nail
  • Painful
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In severe cases, it is also possible to suffer from onycholysis, where your nails will be separated from the bed. It causes pain and your nails will have foul odor.

Other Treatments

Basically, your doctor won’t suggest laser toenail fungus removal on the first attempt of treatment. There are several alternatives that you can try without harming your financials. It is possible that your doctor will prescribe a certain oral medication so you can treat the issue from within, but such treatment can cause side effects. Although mild and not dangerous, some people find these side effects quite annoying and disturbing. It is also possible that you should also use antifungal nail paint. However, this nail paint can take quite long time to succeed. Not to mention that it is rather difficult to reach the troubled and infected area – most fungi lives in the nail bed or within the nail – making this nail paint solution isn’t very popular; due to the long effective period and the low success rate.

Why Laser Treatment Is Popular?

One of the reasons why laser toenail fungus treatment is popular is because it is truly effective and you don’t have to wait long to see the result. Based on laser toenail fungus removal reviews, you won’t have to deal with pain, scar, or cut when having this treatment done. If the issue is quite mild and only affect one area, 10 minutes of laser treatment will be enough. And you can walk out of the doctor’s office easily and without assistance at all. One session will be enough and you should see your condition improved within the next 2-3 months.

The High Cost

The only downside of this treatment is the high laser toenail fungus removal cost. It ranges between $500 and $1,200 per session. But it is now possible to have the procedure done for around $200 to $900. But be prepared to spend the money from your own pocket as this procedure isn’t generally covered by insurance.


All in all, you should consider other alternatives before deciding on laser for toenail fungus procedure. This laser treatment should be viewed as your very last resort, in case others have failed. And if you want to know how much does laser toenail fungus removal cost, now you get the answer.

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