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Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus Detailed Information

When you look at your toes you might notice some dark spot inside the nails that is nail fungus. Although you could find fungus on both toe and finger nails but it is most common occur in toes. The reason is toes most likely be covered by shoes which makes it dark and damp, in this condition fungus grows freely. This disease effect 10 percent of adult American without any clear curer, but now you could try laser treatment for toenail fungus which could help to overcome this problem. If you do not treat it your nails will change into yellowish color and starts to deform which could make it softer and start to peeled itself.

The process of laser treatment for toenail fungus

On the treatment the laser will be used on your nails which could penetrate across your nail and eventually kills the fungus. At the same time the fungus around toenail bed will also be killed. You will not feel any pain at all and the whole process would only last for around 10 minutes. Usually you would only need one time treatment to get rid all of your fungus. But for some who has severe spreading, they might need a few more treatment to completely get rid it.

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Furthermore you would not get any side effect by using this treatment since there would be no tissue on your skin thattreatment for toenail could be damage by the laser so you do not have to worry too much when you want to get the laser treatment for toenail fungus. Currently there is no restriction regarding who could get this treatment, which is why when you could not treat the fungus with other drugs you could try to get laser treatment.

Kinds of laser to treat the toenail fungus

There are two known laser which could be used to treat the fungus, such as:

1.Noveon Laser: for this treatment you will get two waves in different length to cure the fungus.

2.Patholase Laser: this treatment is the early developed laser which could effectively get rid of 88 percent fungus on the toenails.

Price for treating fungus with laser

To get this treatment you need to spend money for around 600 dollars to as high as 1200 dollars. You would also need to remember that laser treatment for toenail fungus would not be covered by your insurance company since it is not essential treatment so you need to pay for all the cost by yourself.

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