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Knee Joint Pain – Best Home Remedies For Knee Pain

Joint pain has become a common occurrence in today’s society especially with the onset of desk jobs and a decrease in exercise and fitness. Sitting for long periods whether driving, studying or at work has a negative effect on our joints which need constant movement to be in proper working order.


Knee pain is by far the most common type of joint pain considering the amount of stress we place on our knees on a daily basis followed by hip and elbow pain.

Knee pain can affect anyone of any age but luckily there are medicines, exercises and home remedies that can help ease the pain and decrease its severity. Joints can become painful due to a number of factors such as injury, medical conditions and overuse.

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Often, the pain can be relived with anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen. These can be bought over the counter but repeated use is not recommended.

Another effective way to reduce knee joint pain is physical therapy and losing weight if you are obese. Walking in a shallow pool of water strengthens the muscles around the knee and increases flexibility without placing excess pressure on the region. Simple exercise such as the half squat and hamstring stretch are a great way to decrease knee joint pain in your spare time. It is important to place an ice pack on the affected knee after exercising to reduce any swelling and help in reducing pain.

There are various home remedies which work as anti inflammatories which can easily be made with accessible ingredients.

These include different types of teas and the use of supplements like magnesium. They work on all joints and are a healthy and cheap alternative for treating knee pain.

Although sometimes debilitating, knee pain can be controlled and a combination of various treatments is sure to yield results.

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