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Vitamins for Knee Joint Pain

Anyone can experience knee joint pain as a result of injury,arthritis and normal wear and tear on the knees.Luckily, these pain can be managed by supplementing the body with essential vitamins. These vitamins are vital in repairing the cartilage cushion or connective tissue that has been affected by arthritis or any injury.

These vitamins are as follows:

Vitamin D

This type of vitamin is essential for the well-being of your bones. They aid the body in absorbing and utilizing calcium properly. Calcium is very important in the formation of strong and healthy bones for all people. Apart from helping your body in absorbing calcium,vitamin D is important in preventing and reducing the inflammation of your knee joint. This is great benefit for people who suffer from tendinitis, arthritis and injuries.

Vitamin D can be sourced through sunlight especially by allowing yourself a 5 to 30 minute exposure to daylight during the peak hours. Other sources include consumption of fish, mushrooms and dairy products that are rich in Vitamin D.does-lack-of-sleep-cause-joint-pain

Vitamin B Complex

It has eight essential vitamins needed by the body. They are vital in the treatment of knee pain through the reduction of knee swelling as well as inflammation of the knee joints. This category of vitamins is also important in the protection and strengthening of the body muscles and tissues. For instance,vitamin B-3 increases the effective supply and circulation of your blood to your knees and thus enables them to function well.

In addition, vitamin B-5 and B-6 help to reduce inflammation and swelling of your body tissues such as the tissues in your knee joints.Vitamin B-1 and B-12 can also enhance the effectiveness of drugs as prescribed by your doctor in the healing of pain in your knee joints.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential particularly in the healing of bad knees as a result of a serious injury or surgery in the repair or correction of a damaged knee. This type of vitamins are helpful in keeping your cells as well as your tissues healthy. They do help in rebuilding of injured or damaged tissues and cells at your knee joints leading to strong and health knees.

Vitamin E can also help in reducing inflammation of your knee. The antioxidant elements found in this vitamin can be received from the eating of whole grains and green vegetables.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The implementation of these nutrients in your diet is a suitable way to reduce knee joint pain. They encourage the release of body chemicals that help to prevent and reduce inflammation in the knee joints. They are sourced from fish like salmon and mackerel, the grape leaves, cauliflower, flaxseed, spinach and broccoli.

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Therefore, use the above vitamins for joint pain which are essential in preventing and healing your knee joint pain. They are needed in small quantities on a regular basis through your food or as prescribed by your doctor.

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