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Joint Pain Treatment – New Joint Pain Treatment

The problem with diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis is that they are not curable. On the bright side, these diseases are not fatal and thus they do not share a lot of the limelight as does diseases such as cancer or even herpes. However, arthritis and osteoporosis still cause a great deal of discomfort and pain, especially to older people. Thankfully, there are more and more medications available out there for joint pain treatment. One of the more recent developments for joint pain treatment is chondroitin.

New Joint Pain Treatment

New Joint Pain Treatment

These degenerative diseases become more prominent as one gets older. Joints are made of cartilage and a lubricating fluid that keeps this cartilage from supposed wear-and-tear. The fluid’s main job is to reduce the friction on the cartilage, as it is the main pivot point in the joint areas. Over the course of life, this fluid gets replenished and the cartilage gets repaired. However, for old people, whose regenerative qualities are not as good as the younger ones, this fluid is not as effective and the cartilage is not repaired. This causes pain and swelling in the joints and sometimes even deformation.

The commonplaceness of this disease has brought rise to the need for chondroitin. It is actually one of the molecules that make up the cartilage in the joints. Cartilage would need all the repair materials for it to be able to reconstruct itself. Chondroitin is supposed to help in this very aspect by giving the older population that needs joint pain treatment the required building blocks. Chondroitin is responsible for cartilage being more resilient and strong and the importance of this is not only in repair but also in durability. Chondroitin is a drug that can be taken orally for joint pain treatment. Although relatively new, chondroitin is quite promising, although in a very unorthodox way.

New Joint Pain Treatment

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Although the oral ingestion of chondroitin for joint pain treatment is supposed to increase cartilage formation, studies have not proven this to be the case. People have not showed increase in cartilage formation in any joints found in the body even with oral chondroitin supplements. However, on the bright side, people that do take chondroitin for joint pain treatment have somehow showed fewer arthritic symptoms and lesser pain than those who do not take chondroitin.

Baffling as it may sound, this phenomenon is quite true. Although the studies for chondroitin were conducted in only two to three months, the patients experienced relief and improvements similar to patients on NSAID drugs. The advantage of chondroitin over NSAIDs is that chondroitin does not have side effects like gastrointestinal problems and even bleeding. Moreover, NSAIDs have shown some evidence of actually progressing arthritis instead of hindering it. Chondroitin does not do this even though chondroitin does have a few side effects, which are nowhere near as problematic as the ones caused by NSAIDs.

Chondroitin is still an early joint pain treatment solution but it does indeed show some promise. All we have to wait for are long-term studies and then chondroitin would be a lot more used for joint pain treatment.

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