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Improve Your Website Performance with SEMrush – Your Ultimate Marketing Research and Analytics Tool

Every day, many people do set up businesses online. Others want their existing brands to have an online presence. Whatever the case, the target is to make sales/conversions on whatever you want to sell/offer online. Since there are many businesses online that work in the same way as yours, you have to ensure that you dominate the market. This is entirely determined by how you market your brand.1

You, therefore, need to ensure that whatever marketing strategy you use, you always get the best quality traffic. This means targeted traffic, those interested in your products/services. This shows you the need to have a deep analysis of your marketing performance, the things you need to do even better and how to get above your competitors. This is why you need SEMrush, an online keyword researcher. Read the full SEMrush review below.

About SEMrush:

SEMrush is an online SEO solution tool that you (as a digital marketer) can use to evaluate your marketing strengths, achievements, areas that need improvement, as well as the strategies your competitors use to achieve best results in their businesses. The tool was built by SEO, marketing, and IT experts with the aim of making digital marketing as simple as possible. The SEMrush company has four offices, where 270 employees work to ensure the system is doing the best job in keyword research and analysis.

Outstanding Features of SEMrush:
This tool was created to make the work of a marketer easier, simpler, and faster. When you fully employ the functions and features of this tool, you will as well make it to the top. Here are the top features that will make it the keyword planner of your choice:

1. Identify All Your Website’s Ranking Keywords: – The tool displays all the keywords your domain name is ranking for on search engines. You can use this information to come up with better performing keywords, as well as improving the keywords that do not rank. You can also use the metrics to get insights how your competitors are making it to the top. Use the strategies to improve and outdo them.

2. Track Your Site’s Position and Performance: – When you are aware how your marketing strategies are doing, you will be in a better position to tell what you should improve and what you should drop. Make use of this feature to know the keywords that are pulling down your performance and the ones that are making you score better. You will then plan on strategies to improve the non-performing keywords.


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3. Discover Your Competitors: – When you do not know whom you are competing with, you are less likely to make any improvement. This tool will use the research information to tell your competitors. Furthermore, you will be able to analyze their data over time and know who is improving or dropping, their criteria, and how to make it above them all.

4. Social Media Tool: – Use this feature to learn how users engage with your content on social media platform and compare it with your competitors. You will be able to tell the type of content that attracts more interactions so that you can work to improve your performance on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus.

5. Website Audit: – Let this powerful tool crawl your website and give you a full report of any SEO issues that your website could be having. If your website is not properly laid out, has HTML issues, broken links, wrong tags, etc., it is more likely to be penalized by Google. It is good to have the full report in one place so that you can fix the issues fast. You will also be able to identify the web pages that have been crawled so that you can see if there are any issues that could block the crawlers and hinder your site indexing.

6. SEO Tips: – When you are not sure what to do to improve your website’s SEO, you can use this tool to get ideas on what you should do. It is like having a personal tutor. Remember if you abandon your site’s on-page SEO, other tactics cannot so much help you to rank any better.

7. Paid Ads Analysis: – Whenever you purchase Google Adwords, it does not guarantee you that you will be listed on the top with your keyword. However, if your paid adverts have really quality content, then your ranking will do well. You can make use of this tool (Copies) to identify the keywords necessary to incorporate in your product descriptions to improve your ad ranking.


8. Backlink Audit: – Backlinks have a significant effect on SEO. Your ranking can greatly be affected by the type of backlinks you have. This tool will analyze and report to you about the quality of the backlinks your website has. Poor quality backlinks will only ruin your ranking. You should avoid such links.

9. Video Advertizing Research: – Video is becoming the most common type of media sharing. Everywhere from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on blog posts, people are posting their videos to share content with other users. For this reason, you find that ad campaigns incorporated within videos make good conversions. With SEMrush in-stream analysis, you can collect the data you need to identify ways you can increase conversions. You will have the opportunity to analyze the best performing campaigns and how their keywords match the videos and the landing pages of the ads.

10. Gather and Export Your Reports: – Whenever you are doing any research or case study, you must come up with full reports. You can export the full reports and make use of them for different other options. You can share them with your team via email, hard paper, etc. You can export soft copies in the form of PDF. You also have te ability to customize how the exported data will look like.

Find The Best Related Keywords For Any Niches

SEMrush is definitely your ultimate keyword researcher for your internet marketing business. When you make proper use of the features it offers, you will definitely see your results as the rate of conversions goes up.

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