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How You Can Improve Your Efficiency in Woodwork or Metalwork by the Use of a Band Saw Machine

Every day, things tend to change around us in different ways. Even as technology changes over time, it brings along different solutions to our everyday problems. If you run a workshop and you find that your business is growing, you need to be glad. At the same time, you need to plan ahead for the same. For instance, you need to prepare on the next machinery that you will get to ensure that your work will be delivered in time for your customers.

How to Buy Your Band Saw Machine

Buying the latest machinery also means that you are going to reduce the cost of running the business in the long run. This is because as you provide quicker services to your customers, they will keep coming for more. You will also be spending less on labor as compared to when using the old hand tools for your work. In today’s post, I will show you how you can achieve the best results by getting the best band saw machine for your workshop.

What is a Band Saw Machine?


This is a type of machine used in most workstations where you might need to do a bit of sawing, cutting, and lumbering. It is made up of a continuous loop of a saw blade that turns round two wheels. The machine is powered by an electric source of power, as opposed to handheld saws.

As the motor rotates, it turns this loop with it and as a result, the blade cuts the material you are working on, be it timber or metal. The process of cutting materials with this band saw machine is effective and efficient as compared to your ancient hand saws.

How Does a Band Saw Machine Improve Your Work?

When talking about efficiency, we need to understand if, actually, the band saw machine will help you to achieve whatever you intend to. Here are the three top ways in which a band saw machine can be beneficial in your woodwork or metalwork.

1. It Is Faster than the Hand Saws:

While hand saws are used by most people in their small scale production, a band saw machine can see through loads of work in the shortest time possible. Given the fact that it uses electric power to operate, you can expect to use it for a longer duration without having to take a rest. You also find out that it cuts on your wood or metal continuously, making the work faster than the forward and backward movement of the hand saws.

2. It is More Accurate than the Other Saws (Handheld):

Working with a band saw is the easiest method you can achieve to deliver quality work. This does not only help you to work faster but also accurately. Since the band saw teeth are evenly distributed and arranged, you can be sure to attain that smooth and straight cut on your working materials. You do not need to worry of going wrong as when you work with hand saws.

3. The Capability to Cut Irregular Shapes and Curves:

Ther band saw machine is also useful if you want to cut out curves out of your materials. It is made possible and convenient by the fact that the blade can easily bend round your curves flawlessly as you cut through. It is also faster than other means. This is the complete solution than getting a jigsaw.

How to Buy Your Band Saw Machine:

Before you begin the process of choosing the best band saw machine for your job, you need to be sure that you get what you need. Sometimes what you need is different from what you fancy. Be wise when choosing one. Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing a band saw machine:

1. Type of Work You Will Use It for:

Different makes of the band saw machine are made for different purposes. Depending on your current or future job type, you need to select the one that is meant for your specific task. There are those that are fit for woodwork while others are designed for metalwork. Some other band saw machines are for meat cutting, and different other tasks.

All these differences are largely related to design and material. You need to be sure that the one you get is specifically designed for the same job you want to use it for. You must be careful not to settle on the wrong band saw machine.

2. Number of Workers and Machines to Use:

Different machines are designed to be used by different number of persons. If you plan to buy band saw machines for your large scale production firm, you might want to be sure how much manpower you need. Some of the machines are designed to handle most settings and working conditions by themselves. They are able to detect when they need to work and when to stop. This is determined by the loading. Such kind of machines are fit for your firm if you have fewer workers than the machines. One person can operate many machines at a go.

3.Different Tasks to Be Accomplished:

The band saw machines work in different ways. This is why every one of the machines is designed for a particular purpose. The three different types of band saw machines teeth setup include:

i). Precision Blade: – This type of blade is best designed for accurate cuts and smooth finish.

ii). Claw tooth blade: – It is best for clearance for fast cutting as well as for soft material.

iii). Buttress blade: – It works best for fast cutting and cutting large chips.

The Best Band Saw Machines in the Market:

I am now going to take you through some of the band saw machines in the market. Of course, I will choose the best machines as rated by the users as well as general importance for your specific job. Here are the top 5 machines you need to check out:

1. Milwaukee 6232-21 Deep Cut Band Saw:

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This band saw machine is one of the sophisticated designs that is made with durability in mind. You need a machine that will last longer while in use. This increases your productivity and boosts your business for quite a significant duration.

It also happens to be the best of its kind when it comes to cutting capacity. It chops your material in the size of 5” by 5”. It becomes a distinctive choice when it comes to your metalwork business.

The machine’s all-metal drive system makes it to last longer. This is because the gearing system does not require as much servicing as with the chain ridden machines. This feature adds value to your business since you save a lot while delivering more.

Milwaukee 6232-21 Deep Cut Band Saw Features:

  • Maximum performance with great durability.
  • Requires less servicing, thanks to its all-metal gearing system.
  • Gear protecting clutch gives protection to your machine whenever there is a blade lock-up.
  • LED light helps illuminate the working surface for improved accuracy in cutting and enhanced speed.
  • Debris protection system increases the durability by allowing you to remove the debris while at work.
  • Industry’s largest cutting capacity – 5” by 5”.


2. Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch:

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This modern band saw is a great tool for your business. It gives you the power and quality of a full band saw machine. It is only that this takes the minimal design to fit on a desk. This model will just fit on your desk or bench and you can use it for your daily tasks.

Durability is one of the most important features you should look out for when purchasing a machine. The Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch is made up of stainless steel body. This gives the band saw machine the sturdy frame as opposed to the plastic ones in the market. This adds to the long-lasting feature of your machine.

When it comes to productivity, you need something that will help you achieve the most out of it. This model comes with the best working results while maintaining a low price in the market.

Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch Features:

  • Solid steel design improves durability.
  • Easy-to-remove rip fence to facilitate free hand work.
  • Powerful motor gives you sufficient power for cutting of bowl and pen blanks.
  • Micro adjustable guide post for raising and lowering the post height with a knob.
  • Cast iron offers you a sturdy work surface.


3.  Makita XBP02Z 18V Portable Band Saw

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This is a cordless and portable band saw. It is fit for your metal work, ultimately offering you cordless metal cutting at your workstation. Its compact design makes it easier to carry around at your job site. It is also convenient if you need to carry your tools to the job and back.

Being cordless, this tool is powered by an 18V Li-Ion battery. The battery is efficient for your work. It takes the minimum time to charge and more time working to give you the ability too work more. There is no need to worry about going off when it runs out.

The Makita XBP02Z 18V Portable Band Saw has a high-torque motor that will power your work and deliver the best for you. It also has a 6-setting dial that controls the speed of the machine while at work. You can easily choose the speed you want to work with.

With this band saw machine, you do need to worry about the time and place you are working. The inbuilt LED will provide you with lighting when need be so you can work more efficiently and accurately.

Makita XBP02Z 18V Portable Band Saw Features:

  • 6-setting speed control so that you can adjust the speed accordingly depending on your work.
  • Faster working speed gives you better working and delivery, about 275-530 ft/min.
  • LED lighting gives you illumination when working in dark places to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
  • The protective bumper ensures durability.
  • Ergonomic and compact design ensures you get the comfort you need when working.


4. Grizzly G0561 Metal Cutting Bandsaw:

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This band saw is built with safety at its core to ensure maximum protection while at work. It is the perfect choice for any metal working environment. Its capability to cut 7-inch round stock ensures that you get maximum job delivery and of greater quality.

The machine is portable (mobile) and can be moved from one point to another within the workshop. This is made possible by the fact that it has two iron wheels at its base.

The heavy-duty metal cast frame ensures durability for maximized working without replacements and fewer repairs. The machine also has an automated coolant system that allows you to concentrate on your job than managing the machine. It also has the automatic power off feature and a hydraulic feed system.

Grizzly G0561 Metal Cutting Bandsaw Features:

  • Automated power off.
  • Hydraulic feed control.
  • Automatic coolant system.
  • Easy movement from point to point in your workshop.
  • Quick positioning vice.


5.DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Band Saw:

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This is a bare tool that runs on a Lithium-Ion battery. It features comfortable user experience as well as accuracy while at work. The handle is positioned at the center to give you maximum comfort while at work and reduced fatigue.

This machine comes with an inbuilt LED light. This allows you to achieve maximum productivity and accuracy while at work. It will illuminate your work place when working to reduce mishaps and inconsistencies.

Another amazing feature with this machine is that it comes with an integrated hang hook. This will allow you to safely hang the band saw when you store it. This will increase durability and prevent any damages when not at work.

The tool comes with a special blade adjustment that allows you to monitor your blade to ensure maximum lifespan of your tool. This works in conjunction with the dual bearing blade guide that allows you to loosen the blade while you adjust it.

DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Band Saw Features:

  • LED light gives you maximum productivity in dark places.
  • Li-Ion battery for cordless operation.
  • Ergonomic design that gives you comfort while at work and reduced fatigue.
  • Specialized hanger hook for storage improves the durability.

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