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How to Write More Articles for Your Blog Traffic and Links

How to Write More Articles can be somewhat difficult if you do not know where to get inspiration for writing more articles. As you are well aware article marketing is one of the most powerful internet marketing methods. This is because you gain traffic as your articles can be read by readers who frequent the article directories you submit to. You also gain a backlink to your site (see this example of an article) and gain credibility, increased visibility for you and your site and possibly good search engine rankings for your articles. This translates into good search engine rankings for your site as your article will carry a link to your site.

How to Write More Articles

However, starting out to write articles for article directories can be quite time-consuming. Moreover how to write more articles becomes a daunting mental task as it seems that after a couple of articles, the writer suffers from “writer’s block”. This can be described as the inability to think of what to write about.

To find more ideas how to write more articles, I am listing some ideas that I personally use:

  1. Use the search engines such as Google to find more knowledge about the topic you are interested in. New information can spark more ideas.
  2. Go back and read any articles you might have written in the past. Glean for points that you might be able to expand upon. Take notes as you go along.
  3. Research your keywords to find subsets of keywords that lend themselves to more topics. In the past you could use Google Wonder wheel but this is no longer available. However do not despair, you can use Google’s keyword tool, or use Google that will prompt more keywords as you type in your keywords or use Soovle to help you.
  4. Take a look at your files in your hard drive. Have you ever saved a document, web page or manual that relates to your topic. Create sub folders and folders and file them properly. Then go through your files and you might uncover more ideas.
  5. Keep a diary such as notepad that opens automatically when you boot your computer. If you already have such a diary, then browse through it and hopefully you might find something interesting.
  6. Look at Wikipedia for more topics related to your main topic. I am sure that you will find more ideas to write about.
  7. Do a View Page Source on high ranking websites that relate to the topic you want to write about. This will uncover the keywords in the keyword meta tag. They could be points of further research.
  8. Search through article directories that you submit to. They will have articles that are neatly classified in categories and sub categories. See what is there and use them to get more ideas.
  9. Search for forums that are focused on your topic. A simple Google search using “keywords forum” should bring out a list of forums. Then visit some forums and see what people are talking about, their concerns, their quest for solutions to their problems and other questions. These can inspire you how to write more articles. In the diagram below I am searching for earn money online as my keywords
  10.  Find articles you previously wrote, preferably quite some time ago. Look at the title and write the article under a different heading, without looking at the content. Since that time of writing, you should have become more knowledgeable and therefore your new article should be more or less unique.
  11. Yahoo answers is another place for inspiration. People ask all sorts of questions and get all sorts of answers. Never mind the garbage, there are really good questions and answers in this place. These questions could be the new articles you might write about.
  12. Find blogs related to your topic by Googling “keyword blogs”. Again a good sized list of blogs dealing with your keyword should appear. The number of blogs is dependent on the topic you are searching for. If your keyword or topic is not popular then don’t expect many results. And go through these results to pick out points that you can expand upon.

How to write more articles should now be less difficult given the techniques above. Always think of the potential advantages. Remember that if the article directory is one of the most popular directories, you also get the possibility of a large readership which in turn can bring more visitors or customers. This in turn increases your earning money online potential!

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