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How to Treat Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal nails are something that many people deal with on a daily basis. Those that do deal with this are going to find that they are having yellowish tint to their nails, as well as they may have swelling and pus seeping from around the nail when they have a full blow infection.

Other symptoms may include brittle nails, rough jagged edges on the nail, thick nails, and those nails that are distorted in shape. There is nothing to be ashamed of, because most people have this problem at some point in their life.


What most people wonder is just how can they treat fungal nail infections?

Most of the time those that suffer from this problem are going to find that a trip to the doctor is required. Here, the doctor will look at the nails and from just the looks of the nail he/she can determine whether you have a nail fungal infection or not. If the person does, usually they are prescribed an oral medication that is taken for as long as three months which works to fight the infection and grow in new, healthy nails.

For those that are wanting to avoid the doctor, there are many polishes and creams that are available over the counter that are meant to treat the fungal nail infection. However, the person should be aware that in the majority of people this only masks the problem and does not cure it as well as the oral medications.

There are quite a few things that people can do in order to minimize their chances of having a nail fungal infection. First off, the person should realize that those who work in wet climates or with water on a daily basis are more susceptible to developing an infection.

Therefore, when working in this type of environment, the person should be wearing gloves in order to protect their hands, and for their toenails they should be wearing waterproof shoes in order to minimize contact.

When dealing with a dry environment, the person should consider wearing gloves anyway, since this is going to minimize the number of germs that you come in contact with. And can possibly prevent you from developing a fungal infection.

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In addition, make sure to file down the thick part of the nails in order to stop the infection, as well as be careful of the trimmers that you are using. You can spread the infection from one nail to another by using the trimmer on those infected nails, therefore, do not share these with people in the household and be sure to have at least two for those nails that are infected and those that are not. Overall, fungal nail infections are common and can be taken care of fairly easy.

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