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How to Treat Acne – Acne Laser Treatment is a Last Resort

Are you fed up with all the empty promises made to you by all the skin care companies who make over the counter acne treatment products? Have you decided that you’re not going to believe all their advertising again? Have you decided that you are going to do what it takes, no matter the costs to get rid of your acne for good.

Acne Laser Treatment

I’m sure it often feels like a losing battle when dealing with acne. You are not alone. Have you thought about giving acne laser treatments a try but aren’t sure about how it works or if there are any problems with the procedure?

Acne Laser Treatment

Are you aware that acne laser treatments can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars an hour? This is a very pricey procedure and could set you back between three hundred dollars for half an hour to over five hundred dollars per half hour.

That could mean that on your first visit, even paying three hundred dollars per half hour, that you would have to pay twelve hundred dollars for a two hour visit! I bet your health insurance company isn’t going to help you out with that payment.

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Acne laser treatments are considered by health care companies to be a ‘cosmetic procedure’ rather than a medical necessity. They might be considered under a medical need since acne is an inflammation, but you will need to check with your health insurance carrier before hand.

A lot of people who don’t have insurance paying any of it still make the choice to pay the high cost of laser treatment. Why? Because they feel they have exhausted all the other choices and think they have no other option. Maybe you feel the same way. Do you feel that the money you will spend on laser treatments would cost less than all the over the counter stuff you have been buying for years?

Have you considered that one acne laser treatment might not be enough? Acne has a bad habit of returning even after laser treatments so you will probably have to have the treatment again. It could be only a few months or it could be a year, but you might end up needing more laser treatments. Do you want to have to pay for this again?

They may cost money, but acne laser treatments also can cause serious scarring or infections. Another side effect is ending up with different skin tones or having a patchy complexion! The problem with both over the counter products and laser treatments is that they aren’t fixing the internal problem. They are attacking the problem from the outside without treating the actual symptoms from the inside.

Maybe this is the time for you to try something entirely different. In order to fix your acne from the inside out you might want to try an all natural treatment plan. You won’t have to buy any supplements and you won’t have to use any harsh chemicals. You will learn how to use a holistic approach to fix your acne. So before you go under the laser, give this natural remedy a try first.

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