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How To Select The Best Cellulite Cream

If cellulite is keeping you from wearing shorts and swimsuits, finding the best cellulite cream can ease your worries to quite an extent. Cellulite is perhaps the most feared thing in a woman’s life!

Best Cellulite Cream

Those lumpy, irregular patches of fat on your stomach, thighs and buttocks can really cause a lot of stress every morning, when you have to decide what to wear to work. While cellulite is generally associated with overweight people, the truth is that it can affect anyone, regardless of whether they are obese or even skinny!

So What Is This Cellulite?

Before you go looking for the best cellulite cream in the market, let’s first understand what cellulite really is, and how it came into existence. And that will help you understand how these creams can help you get rid of it!

Cellulite is, in simple words, fat. But this fat looks all the more horrible because it is unevenly distributed under the skin, and, as such, gives you a very “cottage-cheese-like” appearance! The reason this fat takes such shape and formation is because the skin above these fat deposits is not firm.

Maybe due to age or due to insufficient water consumption or even due to genetic reasons, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness. As such, the regular fat deposits, right below the skin, become visible from the outside, in the form of small “bumps” and “dimples”!

How Does Cream Help?

The best cellulite cream provides a 3-fold action on helping to diminish the cellulite appearance on skin. While it cannot do away with the fat in your body – only proper diet and regular exercise can help you lose fat – it definitely can help re-distribute the fatty tissue deposits under your skin, so that they don’t appear in uneven clusters and lumps. Here’s how it works.

  1. Touch/Massage Therapy – “Touch” has great healing powers. Regular massage with your hands on the affected body parts firms and tones the skin and helps it regain its natural elastic state.
  2. Presence of moisturizers in thebest cellulite cream helps make the skin smooth and supple. And some creams even have a Vitamin A derivative called Retinol A in them, which further invigorates the skin’s elasticity and firmness, enabling it to “hide” the fat underneath, better!
  3. Not only do these creams act on the skin where they are applied, they also act directly on the fat tissues, increasing the metabolism of the area so that the fatty lumps are broken down and dispersed in the rest of the body. While this doesn’t really help you “lose weight” much, it sure does change your “appearance” considerably.

Choosing The Right Cream

Certain cellulite creams containing coffee or chocolate help in the “fat break-down” process faster. Then there are creams containing algae extracts and green tea extracts. These also help in burning the fat at a fast rate. By studying the effects of the various ingredients, you can select which cream you’d like to use. They are very easy to apply and can be safely used on a daily basis.

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The best way to defend your body against embarrassing fat is by using a combination of cream, diet and exercise. Diet will help you lose the fat, exercise will help to tone the muscles below to give a smoother look, and cream will help to make the surface skin firm and supple. Increasing your water intake, along with regular application of the best cellulite cream, will also help to replenish your skin with its lost elasticity.

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