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How to Recover Your Lost Data from Your Android Device with Enigma Recovery

We all know that Android is the most widely used mobile OS in the market. Many mobile phone and tablet users like the Android OS more than any other than any other. The reason behind this is the way Android offers easy extensibility to both end users and the developers. Android is also a reliable and stable OS in the mobile industry, being backed up by Google. Today, I would like to walk you through the steps you can take to do an Android custom recovery on your smartphone.

As we love these Android gadgets, we always carry our documents, music, messages, contact, and every other important information we would like to get quick access to wherever we are. It, therefore, works as our mini-banking system, document viewer and editor, chat and communication device, etc. All these are for our benefits.


There are situations and mishaps that do happen at times out of our scope. Sometimes the tablets or smartphones can misbehave due to wrong usage or app installation. You might need to do a reset to gain access back to your device. At other times, you might unintentionally delete your valued data and information from the device. In both cases, you will end up losing your valued information stored on your phone. The problem is at its worst if the data was stored on the phone’s inbuilt memory and not a removable media storage. It turns out, for most people, that it is all finished. Somebody just counts a loss and moves on.

Here I have some good news for you. It is possible to recover your lost information from an Android internal phone memory. Whether you have deleted it or moved it to another storage and you lost access to it, you can still recover the contents. This will help all those of you who need a picture recovery for Android solution as well.

How to Use Enigma Recovery for Your Data Security:

2The Enigma Recovery is a software recovery solution for Android that is able to recover all lost data from your Android internal phone memory. It works on many brands of smartphones and tablets that run on Android OS. This software is available for both your windows and Mac computers. It is also the best solution for backing up your data as well as transferring content from one Android device to another.

Enigma Recovery as a Data Recovery Solution for Android:

Using the Enigma Recovery, you can recover your digital media and files from your phone. It can also be useful when you want to backup data to your computer or transfer it to another Android device. It works in two different modes to enable you to recover data or transfer and backup data as per your preferences.

For those of you that might have lost their data from Android phones, this is your best solution. This software is your total Android contact recovery. You can recover deleted contact addresses and list that you have accidentally removed from your Android phone.

This software has also proved to be the best Android text recovery solution. I know how hectic it can be to lose your text messages in the middle of a conversation. Sometimes you might just have messed up your most important messages that you still need to access in order to complete transactions. I know sometimes text messages are used as evidence in some situations. You need to recover your deleted text messages to make it through some process or circumstance. In this case, you will need to have a reliable sms recovery Android to get through.

Some people, like me, use the Android phone to shoot photos and videos in different occasions as well as events. You might want to share your shots with your friends or print them or burn them for future reference. The worst can happen before you can do the same. If your device freezes or gets some glitches, you might be forced to reset it. This means losing all data from your smartphone or tablet. You won’t be able to share your shots unless you find an Android picture recovery to recover your lost photos. This is when you will need Enigma Recovery as your trusted recovery solution.

This Android custom recovery solution can as well recover other information apart from text messages and photos. It is a good solution to deleted call history as well as planner recovery. The software can also restore your memos. With the WhatsApp recovery for Android, this application is suitable for restoring all deleted WhatsApp data. In short, Enigma Recovery can restore almost all information you have deleted from your phone.

Enigma Recovery as a Data Backup Solution:

Not only does the Enigma Recovery recover deleted data from the Android device. This amazing tool can help you to protect your valued data whenever you want. You have the capability to prevent total data loss from your Android device at your fingertips.

Using Enigma Recovery, you can create custom backups of your phone data and important information to your Windows or Mac PC. By doing so, you reduce the chances of any mishaps that may occur out of your control. Whenever you have new content on your device and want to protect it, you can create a backup on your PC while remaining with the original on your device. This will help you to use your device without worrying about any losses at any given time.

The Enigma Recovery data backup feature is capable to create customized backups of your data from your Android phone or tablet to your PC. You need to specify the type of data you want to store and the system takes care of everything else.

Whether you are working on messages, images, calls, or any other data type, you can be sure that Enigma Recovery can give you the best data backup for your Android device. The information the backup can work on include the SMS messages, memos, phone contacts, WhatSapp, Planner, videos, photos, and your Internet history.

Enigma Recovery as a Data Export and Transfer Solution:

At times we want to upgrade to the latest version of Android phones and tablets. However, we tend to fear about having to maintain more than one device since we have a lot of information we rely on on our current devices. This information seems impossible to transfer it over while forgetting about it is an impossibility.

We might also want to give out our current devices when we acquire new ones. However, we cannot just hand them over with our crucial data like that. Some of this information is quite sensitive that you cannot leave it in tany hands just like that. You must get a way to work on it before you can surrender the Android device.

For all the situations, luckily, the Enigma Recovery can help you to relax and do what is right with you. You can now rely on the tool to take care of your data from your old phone to a new one when you want to acquire one. Even before you surrender your phone with the sensitive data, you can rely on this Android custom recovery solution to do a backup of the data and transfer it over to your new phone. You can then erase the old phone if you want.

The whole process of file transfer between one device to another as well as recovering deleted data is very secure. You do not have to mind about losing anything as the program has inbuilt mechanism to take care of existing data while scanning for lost data on your phone.

What Makes the Enigma Recovery the Best Recovery Software for Your Android:

3When you want to find the best picture recovery for Android solution, you need to find something that will work for you no matter the other limits that might happen to arise. Your best bet is that you should seamlessly transfer or recover your information without wasting too much time or risking the resources you use. Here I will tell you why this application is your best choice when carrying out Android picture recovery. It is also applicable for any other recovery on Android devices including Android text recovery or Android contact recovery.

1. Compatibility of the Application:

A good Android custom recovery tool should not be limited too much as per who can use it. It should offer a solution to most of the users who need to make use of it. The Enigma Recovery is that solution that will help you with your Android recovery on most devices. To begin with, your computer needs to run Windows or Mac OS. This is easy since most people use these operating systems on their computers. Another thing is to ensure that you have an Android device that is listed on their supported devices section of the FAQ page.

2. Security is Key:

For whatever the reason you want to get a recovery software for your Android, you should find one that can handle your data in the right way to avoid any damage to your data while recovering. The Enigma Recovery will help you to securely recover your deleted data without overwriting your existing data. It will always do a backup of your existing data before it begins to scan your phone for the deleted files. In the case of an error and your data gets corrupted, you can easily restore from your backup.

3. Serves Best for Recovery, Backup as Well as Transfer of Data:

This amazing tool is the best option for anybody who wants to do data recovery on Android devices. It can also serve you when you want to carry out a data backup on your device. Data transfer is also a nice feature you can use with the Enigma Recovery. To achieve your best, you need all these features. Enigma Recovery is, therefore, your best Android custom recovery solution that can help you to restore deleted content, backup your phone, and transfer your Android phone data to another one.

What You Need to Know before You Begin Your Data Recovery with Enigma Recovery:

You Need to Confirm whether Your Device is Supported before You Go on:

4Not all Android devices in the market are compatible with Enigma Recovery. For you to get the best out of the software, you need to confirm that it is fully supported. Most Samsung devices are compatible with Enigma Recovery as well as Nexus and Motorola. However, the software is still under massive development in order to be compatible with most Android devices in the vast market. If you are not sure about your specific model, you need to contact the Enigma Recovery support center before you purchase the software.

You Need to Root Your Device:

Yes. We know that we are cautioned against rooting our Android devices to avoid any mishaps that other apps may cause on the phones. However, I want to assure you that it is safe for you to root your device when you want to do a data recovery or backup and transfer on your Android phone. In the case you are skeptical, I want to tell you that it is also possible to unroot the phone after you are through with the recovery process. For further information on how you can do this, you need to do a search on the internet.

3. Enigma Recovery Can Only Do its Best:

We all know that there is nothing that can be guaranteed 100%. The Enigma recovery is not an exceptional. Actually, the success or failure of data recovery from your Android device using Enigma Recovery is dependent on your usage and conditions. According to analysis, it has been proved that it can retrieve up to 94% of deleted data from your Android phone.

To ensure the best recovery of data from your Android device, you need to ensure that you stop to use the phone (if possible) until you have done the recovery. In so doing, you will avoid overwriting the data that needs to be recovered. This is the only sure way you can improve the performance of the Android recovery.

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