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How to quickly cure a runny nose in a child folk remedies

Runny nose (rhinitis) in the child – a very unpleasant disease that can poison life for a few days. Its cause is the inflammation of the nasal mucosa. To cure common cold: there are drug and the popular treatment for.

It is worth considering that traditional remedies will not be suitable for all cases of the common cold. Moreover, time has not begun drug treatment can lead to complications.

Cannot be cured with folk remedies runny nose caused by:
– bacterial infection;
the development of vasomotor rhinitis;
– curvature of the nasal septum.
Do not waste time in vain and refer to physician for purpose of medical treatment.
Folk remedies can help if:
– runny nose caused by allergic reaction;
a runny nose is the body’s response to hypothermia.

What to do
If a cold occurred from hypothermia, the main way to solve the problem is to warm up. And warm need not nose, and whole body. And runny nose as a result of hypothermia will be himself.
For this, the ideal way is to go to bath or sauna and warm up well. It is useful to breathe in the steamy infusions of herbs, such as eucalyptus. Such inhalation will decompose nose and allow a speedy way to get rid of runny nose caused by hypothermia.

If this is not possible – cover yourself in a blanket and drink a glass of hot tea with raspberries. Very good for warming can help hot wine with spices – mulled wine. One of the most effective ways is to warm the feet with hot water or mustard.

The original means of dealing with the common cold, physical exercise. This can be a workout in the gym, Jogging, mobile game, work on “pear,” etc. If it is good to work and sweat in the body increases metabolism and included protective functions of the body.

To was allergic enough to rinse well the nose and eliminate the allergen. If you suspect that allergies started because of household dust – make wet cleaning. If – because of the down – replace feather pillows with synthetic. In the case where the Allergy is due to pet – put the cage in another room. Allergy relief will help in the short term cotton-gauze. However, not be amiss to consult a doctor.

If we are talking about all other types of rhinitis, we emphasize again that the use of folk remedies should be used in conjunction with medicines prescribed by the doctor. If the runny nose swelling of mucous membranes in the nose due to the expansion of blood vessels. If you don’t treat a cold it can evolve into a chronic form: frontal sinusitis, sinusitis, sinusitis.

What measures should be taken to facilitate the flow of runny nose and its treatment?
Specialists of traditional medicine recommends the following effective treatments:
• Facilitate the flow of a runny nose can saline solutions: one tablespoon in a glass of water. This texture rinse the nose several times a day to remove germs and cleanse the nose of mucus.
• A great way that can help a sick child mustard plasters on the heel. At the first signs of the disease put the mustard and put on warm woolen socks. The procedure lasts 1-2 hours.
• Application of iodine to the soles of the feet. It is also desirable to further spread the wings of the nose.
• Helps the use of citrus fruits for a quick boost immunity. Often, doctors recommend eating for disease prevention garlic and onions. At the onset of the disease the effect is not so noticeable, but still the possession of onions and garlic antibacterial properties will promote the destruction of bacteria. You can often see in the house, put plates of sliced onions to prevent the spread of the disease.
• Inhalation and instillation. It will be good to give the child to breathe before bedtime essential oils, vegetable broth or salt solution. For the preparation of inhalations you can use any herbs, such as: pine buds, eucalyptus leaves, St. John’s wort, oregano, etc. For the instillation of good honey with the juice of aloe, St. John’s wort oil, essence of garlic with the addition of sunflower oil.
• Monitoring of air in the room. The room where the sick child must be periodically aired and to ensure that the air was not too dry. The optimal temperature is 20-24 degrees Celsius. Treatment of runny nose with fresh air is much faster. Therefore, if the child has no high temperature recommended for a short walk in the yard.
• Massage. Acupressure bridge of the nose and wings of the nose can help to provide to the affected area the blood flow that will ease nasal congestion.
• Ointment for the common cold. Another effective opportunity to win the cold is preparation ointment alcohol, honey, milk, onion, vegetable oil and soap. Each of the ingredients is taken one tablespoon. Is solution, which is prepared on the fire until complete dissolution of the soap. Ointment applied on a cotton Bud and use it is treated nasal mucosa. Experts advise to put a similar solution in the nose at least three times a day, and wash off after 15 minutes.

Thus, there are many ways to cure common cold in baby – each parent can choose something to his liking. Often family recipes treatment of folk remedies passed down from generation to generation. A lot of ways, and the result is the same – healing from disease.

The correct application of national resources will allow you quickly begin to cure runny nose in a child. It is best to take action promptly, the first day of the beginning of the disease. The most effective way can be the prevention of colds. As always, the Golden rule works: it is easier to prevent than to cure. Be attentive to your health and the health of your child.

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