How to Protect Your Home with a Cell Phone Garage Door Opener

It is everybody’s desire to live a peaceful life and be safe. Security is a serious matter of concern especially in these days when crime is on the peak. We also know very well that our daily chores have preoccupied a larger part of our minds that we sometimes tend to forget some things. It is not uncommon to find many people tend to forget to lock the garage doors at their premises. It could also be possible that you have ever found yourself in such a situation.

I know all the trouble you undergo about the same. Wondering if you ever remembered to lock the garage door and even driving back to check on the door if everything is right is a tedious work. At times, you might want to have some items delivered to your home when you are busy somewhere. The least thing you would want to happen is to stay at home waiting for the delivery of your items and avoid other chores. You cannot stand missing the products on delivery, either. Now I am going to show you how to end all these troubles with just one solution: having a phone garage door opener for your home.

What Is a Cell Phone Garage Door Opener, and How Does It Work?

When you always lock your garage door with your traditional garage door lock, you will need to walk around with your keys. It also means that your family members need their spare keys so that they can gain entry to your premises whenever they come back home before you arrive. It also takes your time to drive your car out, alight, come back to lock the garage door, and back to your car to drive to your office. All these steps are tedious and time consuming.

What if you found a solution to handle all these hassles? Here it is. Keep reading to understand how you can control your garage door right from your mobile phone. It is a solution that works for you no matter where you are, as long as your phone is powered on.

A cell phone garage door opener is a wireless door opener that takes care of your home garage door. It not only opens the door when you want to but also can shut it without the need to get to the door. This method of controlling the door is most convenient in many different ways. Here are some of the ways a cell phone garage door opener can benefit you:

1. It Takes Away the Worries Whenever You Go Out and Forget to Lock the Door:

If you are in a hurry when getting out, you might easily forget to lock your garage door when driving out. If there is nobody behind, this will remain the same. This is most likely to pose a security threat to your home and property. However, sometimes you might remember that you never locked you home garage door while on the way.

It might take you time to drive back home just to lock your garage door. This will waste a lot of your time and you might end up getting to your office very late. This cell phone garage door opener will help you solve all these worries. When you just forgot to lock your door, just pull out your cell phone or tablet, open an app and lock your garage door safely.

2. The App Can Help You Continue with Your Daily Routine While Waiting for Your Products to Be Delivered:

If you had an appointment with the delivery of goods, you might be compelled to stay at home the whole day to wait for the same. However, this is one way you will end up wasting the precious time you should have spent to do other constructive businesses. Now this garage door opener will help you in such scenarios. All you need to do is to inform the mailman (or anyone who was supposed to do the delivery) to call you when he gets home.

You will then use your phone to open the garage door for him/her when he arrives at your premises and let him in to drop your goods. After delivery, you can then lock your garage door safely. All these you easily and comfortably do from your office, or wherever you might be. No worries, no wasted time.

3. Help Your Colleague, Friend, or Family Member Get to the House:

Sometimes it can happen that one family member forgets to carry her home keys. It might pose a challenge to him or her when she comes back home and you are not around. Sometimes you might have invited your friend over but he arrives just after you have left. It can happen to be the worst experience they undergo for missing a way to get into the compound.

Having a cell phone garage door opener for your home will solve this situation rather easily. All you need to do is to tap on your cell phone application and let your beloved get to the homestead. Then tap again to safely lock your garage door as your visitor waits for your arrival.

As you can see, the cell phone garage door technology is the best solution to all home owners. It is the most convenient method to take care of your home and whatever matters to you without wasting money on the gas. It also saves your time you usually spend to and fro your home and workplace. This solution also helps to take care of what cannot wait for your arrival. It is the real solution for your home.

How to Buy the Best Cell Phone Garage Door Opener for Your Home:

You now know that you can control your garage door right from your mobile device. I know you are eager to get one for your own home. The next thing you are thinking about is to make your fastest move to get yourself one of these inevitable devices. But before you do that, let me help you how to buy one and what you need to look out for.

1. System Compatibility:

Since you are going to use this tool to open your garage door from your phone, you should be sure that the application it uses is compatible with your current smartphone system. If it is incompatible, you might be required to upgrade your phone if need be. However, you should consider looking around for your best bet before you resolve to change your phone which might incur extra costs.

The cell phone garage door opener compatibility also depends on the system type that you use for your home garage doors. They are only compatible to specific door opener manufacturers. If you buy the wrong device, you would waste your money on something that you will not make into use at all.

2. Notification Type:

In as much as this is supposed to be a door opener and closer, you might also want to know whether everything is going on right at home when you leave. Therefore, an ideal cell phone garage door opener should be the one that will notify you of anything going on at home. It is good to know when your garage door is open. You will then be in the position to determine whether it was opened by a legitimate person. This will help you in monitoring and keeping your home secure.

3. Extra Features:

If you thought that garage door openers are only meant to open your door, then you have incomplete information. The cell phone garage door opener can as well take care of your home lighting. With your smartphone, you can easily turn on your home lighting system when you want. You can also turn off the lighting system when you want. In short, this feature should be available on the device you buy. It is a great complementary even to the door monitoring service.

4. Monthly or Recurring Subscription Fee:

The best cell phone garage door openers do not require you to pay a fee at the end of every month (or any other specified duration). However, this might as well depend on your preferences. Once you buy your garage door opener and install it, you should be ready to go. Things should work right out of the box without any hassles.

5. Customer Service Support Availability:

Any system or product without the backup of a good customer  care service is as good as a dead service. When you are ordering for your mobile phone garage door opener for your home, you should be conscious about how the vendor responds to their customers and how long it takes them to send out a reply to any issue. If you cannot find any credibility, you should save yourself by staying away from their product. You do not want to undergo a series of nightmares trying to figure out issues by yourself.

Installing the Cell Phone Garage Door Opener:

The mobile phone garage door openers come with full instruction manuals and the required accessories to help you set up the system ready to begin working on the spot. All you need is a working home WiFi network system. This is key since the system needs to connect to the internet to send you notifications and to receive commands from your mobile phone.

Following the manual from the manufacturer, you should be in the best position to install the system by yourself at home. If at any point you get stuck, or you are afraid to do the task by yourself, you should get the help from a licensed garage door technician. He will help you to get the system ready within minutes after the delivery.

The Two Best Cell Phone Garage Door Openers in the Market:

Now I am sure you are ready to get yourself a good door opener that you will control by your cell phone. I know how thrilled you are about getting it as soon as possible. Now I give you the best rated cell phone garage door openers in the market. I recommend these products since they will solve your worries.

1. Chamberlain MYQ-G0201:

Chamberlain MYQ-G0201

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This is a universal garage door opener. The system allows you to control your garage door whenever and from wherever you are. There is no need to worry about your premises and security anymore. With this Chamberlain MYQ-G0201, you are set to carry on with your daily routine and focus on what matters to you most.

The Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 comes with a mobile application that works with most mobile devices. This application allows you to monitor and control your garage door at any time. Apart from that, it can also send you push notifications on your phone whenever your garage door is open without your initiation.

Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 Features:

  • Compatible with most garage door openers with safety reverse sensors.
  • Mobile application available for iOS 9 and Android 5.0 and any higher versions.
  • Uses your home WiFi system to communicate to your phone.
  • Mobile website for monitoring and control in the case your phone is not supported by the app.
  • Notifications for door open and close on your phone as well as full monitoring and control of the garage door. 


2. Chamberlain CIGCWC Internet/Smartphone Connectivity Kit:

Chamberlain CIGCWC Internet/Smartphone Connectivity Kit

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This is a connectivity kit used to manage your garage door. It only works with the Chamberlain MyQ-Enabled Garage Door Openers that use the MyQ Accessories. It allows you to open and close your garage door as well as monitoring it from wherever you are.

This unit can work with multiple garage door openers. It also supports up to 16 MyQ enabled accessories. It, therefore, gives you more control on your home safety. It also uses your Ethernet cable to connect to your home networking system to give you full access and control to your home garage door and lighting system.

Chamberlain CIGCWC Internet/Smartphone Connectivity Kit Features:

  • Open, close, and monitor your Chamberlain garage door from your smartphone.
  • Connect to your home network using an Ethernet cable.
  • Manage your home lighting system from wherever you are.
  • Mobile application available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Mobile website access for other connected devices that are incompatible with the App.
  • Notifications on your phone whenever somebody opens or closes your garage door.