How to Make Your Drilling Job Easy by the Use of a Rotary Hammer

For those of you that are always on mechanical tasks, you might have found yourselves in some quite challenging situations in your workplaces. It at times you need to drill holes on the walls, doors, or any other object you are working on. At times this becomes a tedious work if you are working with the wrong tools. You might also find yourself in a tight position that cannot allow you to hold your tools for drilling properly. Another inconvenient scenario can be working on a tough material that needs to be softened a bit before you can drill. All these cases happen to be overwhelming if you have the wrong tools and in the wrong situations.

Today I would like to introduce to you the best five rotary hammers that can help you with your drilling job. However, before I do so, I would like you to understand a few facts about rotary hammers before you go out to buy one. In today’s article, I will talk in details the benefits of having a rotary hammer and then how to choose the best rotary hammer for your daily routine job. Afterward, I will talk about the best rotary hammers you can find in the market.

What Are Rotary Hammers, and How Do They Work?

How to Buy the Best Rotary HammersA rotary hammer is another name given to the drills that have the hammering action. In other words, they are essentially drills. They are designed to help you to hammer the place to be drilled before you can drill. This helps you to have a convenient experience when you begin your drilling task. The rotary hammers, therefore, reduces the cost of operation as well as the bulkiness of the tools you need for your daily drilling job.

With their innovative design, the rotary hammers can handle the job quite easily as opposed to using different tools for the same task. The hammering action of a rotary hammer is convenient since its impact is only based on the position you are working on. It does not affect the whole structure as when you use other means that could damage it.

By using a rotary hammer for your drilling task, you not only make your work faster but easier as well. It is a convenient tool if you are required to work in tight positions that do not have enough space for rotation. Such workspaces are not convenient for hand drills and the such. They also do not offer you the convenience when you want to do some hammering tasks. Here you will find that the best rotary hammers are the best fit for the job.

How to Buy the Best Rotary Hammers:

Before you go out to buy your hammer drill, you need to understand some features that will help you to get the best experience while working. It is, therefore, important for me to talk about the same here. Here are the things you need to look out for when buying your rotary hammer.

1. Operation Condition:

The first thing that made you to think about getting a hammer drill is the ability to work conveniently. To ensure you get the best choice for your job, you need to look at how it is going to benefit you. This is all about the design. For a perfect rotary hammer, you should be in the position to operate under tight positions without any hassles. This can be achieved by the possibility of turning your drill while at work without making any movements.

2. Power Supply:

Sometimes you might want to work in a place where you do not want to interfere with other things. It is, therefore, the best practise to have the hammer drill that can work without dragging things around. Here I am talking about the ability to use your drill without the power cord. This can only be possible if it comes with internal batteries that can run it for some time at work. Afterward you should be able to use external source of power when the batteries are drained.

3. Ability to work in Dimly Lit Places:

At times, you might be required to work in dark rooms or places. If you do not have proper lighting facilities, you might find yourself in a contradicting situation. It is not possible to hold a flashlight while holding your drill. It, therefore, remains that the best rotary hammer should have a lighting mechanism. This will help you to hold both the source of light and the machine at the same time – all in one.

4. Different Working Options:

While the rotary hammers are a good choice of machine for your drilling tasks, they can fail you if your selection is poor. Remember that they are designed to offer both the drilling and the hammering actions on your job. In some scenarios, you might be required to hammer before drilling while in others you just need to drill. However, in some cases, you will need the best rotary hammer that is able to hammer while drilling simultaneously. I bet the latter will be your best bet. This is because it can fit you in all the conditions you may want to work in, even if they do not appear to be so at this time.

The Best 5 Rotary Hammers in the Market Today:

The article above has already summarized the whole process of buying a rotary hammer. Here I will list you the best ones in the market. I will put down the details for each hammer drill so that you can easily choose the perfect option for your needs.  Here we go:

1. DEWALT DCH273B 20V:

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This drilling and hammering tool is designed to meet the modern working conditions to ensure the best working experience. With the latest innovations and hard testing, the device is made to ensure perfect job completion within the shortest time possible. It does not matter in the material you are working on, neither the conditions.

This hammer drill comes with an in-built LED light. This will facilitate your working by enabling you to work in poorly lit rooms without any issues. This will increase your efficiency since you will concentrate on the job other than being distracted by the lack of a lighting system.

The design of this device is also meant to help you to work with little issues. With its L-shaped design that is also compact, you can conveniently accomplish your tasks in places with very minimal working conditions. It also helps you to work on surfaces with sharp corners effectively.

DEWALT DCH273B 20V Features:
  • It is cordless.
  • The drill comes with an inbuilt LED light.
  • The ergonomic design and the factory set clutch give you improved comfort and stability as you work.
  • The side handle is able to turn up to 360 degrees. This allows you to work in very tight places.
  • Comes with an active vibration control that adjusts how much the drill vibrates while at work.
  • It has three working options. It can be used for rotate only, rotate and hammer, or hammer only tasks.


2. Makita HRH01 36-Volt LXT:

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When you want to do your drilling job faster than the normal pace, you need a powerful drill that will do the job right for you. This is what the Makita HRH01 36-Volt LXT is able to achieve without having to waste you while on the job.

The Makita HRH01 36-Volt LXT is designed to work perfectly in most working conditions. It comes with an in-built LED light that will allow you see while you work in dark rooms and closets. Darkness should never be an inhibitor to your job.

With the capability to turn up to 360 degrees, this drill gives you the capability to work in many positions without having to turn around. It can work on up to 40 distinct positions. This should give you comfort while working without having to bend and twist yourself. It also allows for working in places with little working space.

With the batteries and charger, you can effectively keep your work going without worrying about your mains power supply going out. You can still work on your batteries for some time, depending on the working settings you use.

Makita HRH01 36-Volt LXT Features:
  • It works with 40 different drilling positions with a complete 360 degrees turning.
  • Its design is meant to improve your comfort while at work.
  • Works in three different modes; hammering only, hammering and rotation, and rotation only.
  • In-built battery protection mechanism while charging.
  • 3 years warranty on the drill and 1 year warranty on the battery and charger.


3. Bosch RH540M 1-9/16-Inch SDS-Max Combination Rotary Hammer:

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With 6.1 feet pounds, this rotary hammer is among the top fastest drill for both hitting and drilling purposes. This sophisticated tool has a speed dial that allows you to control the speed and impact when working on different materials and in different conditions.

Sometimes you might just want to drill or to do some chisel work. It is convenient with the selector knob. It also allows you to set the Varo-Lock function. The Varo-Lock is a functionality that allows you to work with a chisel that can be rotated in 12 different positions. This feature facilitates working without having to strain.

This drill is durable and robust enough to allow you work on hard working surfaces. It also comes with the auto-lock feature that facilitates your working experience. This is made possible that you bit changing is toll-free and you have little to do.

Bosch RH540M 1-9/16-Inch SDS-Max Combination Rotary Hammer Features:
  • Automatic bit locking.
  • Maximum power impact for best productivity.
  • Ability to choose between drill only. hammer only, and Varo-Lock.
  • Variable speed dial allows you to customize your chiseling and drilling experience.
  • Varo-Lock positioning allows you to lock your chisel in 12 different positions.


4. DEWALT D25721K 1-7/8-Inch SDS Max Rotary Hammer with Shocks and 2-Stage Clutch:

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The Dewalt D25721K is a modern hammer drill that focuses in productivity. This drill will help you to achieve and accomplish your tasks rather quickly by its powerful motor that was built with performance in mind.

This drill also has an Active Vibration Control System, which is referred to as “SHOCKS”. This feature allows you to control the vibration of the hammer drill while in use. This helps you to experience great comfort while minimizing fatigue.

With well over 2500 blows per minute and the high efficiency motor power, you can put this drill into demolition work and expect great results within a short period of time. Even with the much performance, you are assured that you won’t experience overloading issues with the rotary hammer.

This tool also has a wonderful user-protection feature. The E-clutch is an anti-rotational technology that helps you to select drill setting that is most appropriate for the task you need to accomplish. It allows you to work for long hours without experiencing any impact that could otherwise be caused by the rotation of the rotary hammer.

DEWALT D25721K 1-7/8-Inch SDS Max Rotary Hammer with Shocks and 2-Stage Clutch Features:
  • Powerful motor for maximum productivity.
  • Fastest chipping speed makes it good for any demolition job.
  • Speed regulation allows you to select the correct setup for the task at hand.
  • Rear handle for ergonomic handling when doing a vertical drill or chipping task.


5. Hilti TE 7 Rotary Hammer Drill:

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This hammer drill is the best option whenever you have quite challenging working conditions. It is ideal for drilling in all directions. The design is meant to take care of the same.

The hammering mechanism in this drill is meant to help in the drilling process. It makes it easier when you use it on hard surfaces. Drilling is possible for holes of up to 5’ 8” in diameter.

The motor of this drill is efficient to provide enough power for the drill to run for a long time. This will help you accomplish your task quite easily. Its durability also makes the rotary hammer to stay for a long period.

Hilti TE 7 Rotary Hammer Drill Features:
  • Powerful motor to offer efficiency when working.
  • Accurate anchor holes drilling with perfect match drill bits.
  • Perfect drilling performance with the hammering mechanism.
  • Designed to handle multi-directional drilling.
  • Durable motor that assures you long-lasting hammer drill.
  • Compact design and lightweight.